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I love this video, so creatively done! Here’s the text of my sermon on it..
We are going to do the story of the whole Bible in 20 minutes, in 6 words – G.O.S.P.E.L
God. Our. Sins. Paid. Everyone. Life.

Starts with God
He’s the Alpha and the Omega,
The beginning and the End
Always was, always is, always will be
He created everything out of nothing
The Bible tells us the fool says in his heart there is no God
You may say defend God – as if I need to defend Him. It’d be like defending a lion – just let Him out of the cage

He created the universe – over a billion stars
He put this planet, the exact distance from the sun, so it would be not too hot and not too cold.
He made it the right size, so gravity would be right – so there’d be enough oxygen near the surface.
And so it wouldn’t spin to fast – a couple more hours in the day (and we all want longer days) and we’d have winds as fast as Jupiter’s at a 1000 miles an hour.
He made it at the right angle with moon the right distance away so we get seasons and stable temperatures

Then he made us OUR lives
The pinnacle of creation, men and women in the image of God
Created to know God, to walk with God and enjoy creation with God
Given the job to rule over creation, name the animals and enjoy it with God, to eat anything except the fruit of one tree.

But it was over before it started, Adam and Eve got deceived day 1 – did God really say?
They made their choice, they rejected God’s rule and ate that fruit and brought sin, sickness and death into the world

SIN came in
Spread like a cancer through all of us, like asthma robbing our breath.
Separating us from each other and God.
There’s not a religion in the world that doesn’t recognize the problem of evil – they come up with ways to bridge the gap, get back to God, restore the relationship.
We heap up good deeds, hoping the good is good enough
Some will chant, some will pray, some will meditate.
It all falls short, the Bible says the best of our self righteous acts are like used menstrual cloths
It’s like spraying cologne on a corpse, to mask the smell. We were dead in sin.

Most do nothing, ignoring the problem, but that’s like treading in dog poop and refusing to wipe it off your shoe.

Nothing we do is good enough, because good enough is perfection
It’s not a test with a pass mark of 40%

We can’t fix it – sin leads to death.
Only fix is for someone to die in your place. They have got to be perfect or the payment isn’t permanent
The only one who can meet God’s criteria is God himself, so God himself came – Jesus in the flesh
To die on the cross, his righteousness swapped for our sin on the cross for us

So PAYMENT is made – he wrote the cheque with his life.
The resurrection means the cheque cleared. Payment made.
It had to have happened – everyone agrees the tomb was empty
The body wasn’t stolen – the Romans and Jews would have brought it out when Christianity became a pain. The disciples were runni9ng scared, so wouldn’t have taken it and would have brought it out when things got serious and they were about to be killed. No grave robbers, that started in the 17th C for medicval experimenting. People would have stolen the burial spices and linen, but those were left behind.
He appeared to believers and doubters, sceptics and crowds

And he did it so that EVERYONE and I mean ANYONE who puts their faith in Him can be forgiven
All God asks is that you turn from going my way. Fave crematorium song…
Going my way is going the wrong way. You turn God’s way and put your trust him then you get to be part of the everyone.

And here’s what you get. You get LIFE, life to the full.
Jesus said that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you may have life and life to the full.
God loves you and wants you to have life to the full now and forever more

That’s the story of the Bible in 6 words
You may be aware that your life has been filthy rags, lacked joy and peace
Regrets for things done and not done, said and not said, thought and not thought
Or you may have been blissfully unaware

Either way they are like spraying cologne on a corpse. Jesus came to deal with all of that – defeating sin and death and offering you life

God loves you – if you haven’t already, why not turn to him and start following him right now. Bible says that if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord you will be saved. So this morning why not do that.

Turn to Jesus, trust in his death and resurrection as payment for your sin and confess that Jesus is Lord



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