Handling a prophetic word

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Here’s my notes from Mike Bollinger’s talk at the recent Relational Mission Church Planting Conference

Danger of stacking prophetic words like books
Need apostolic wisdom and application

Have your received a prophetic word:?
What have you done with it? What’s my part? What’s God’s Can I miss it?

1) Write it out Hab 2v2

2) Highlight it
i) Green for a truth that God says about us – Line up to it
ii) Amber for a condition I have responsibility for – what’s my part?
iii) Red – things God has said He will do – promises to pray in?

3) Weigh it
With the written word of God
By the Holy Spirit
By considering what is in teh heart of the person giving it (clean water through a clean pipe good, clean water through a dirty pipe will be mucky)

4) Share it
No parking lot prophecies – given one on one
Share with others so you don’t just take the fun parts and not the challenging bits

We tend to filter words by our now situation. Making it fit with the now or just leaving it on the shelf.

Can we miss the fulfillment?
Choice can affect it – eg Jonah going the wrong way. But he got another chance when he repented!
Can miss a train, but by the grace of God there’s a later one coming

Angela Kemm waging a good war with words
In a war the enemy challenges “Did God really say?”
Look to God for help
Mix the prophecies with faith – Numb 23:19; Isa 60:2
Darkest times comes a moment before breakthrough
Do business with God and he makes it beautiful Eccl 3v11

How have you handled prophetic words given to you?

Do they need to come off the shelf? Have you highlighted them – believed the truths, worked out if you need to do anything and prayed them in?
As a core team we will be going back over the prophetic words over the church to do just that. Be ready for some prayer meetings that tackle them!



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