The Last English Revival 1921

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A woman whose life and marriage were broken crept into the back of one of the churches where meetings were being held and listened to the gospel. She came back night after night but was afraid to respond because of the state of her life. At last she came and brought her husband with her; they came to Christ together and their marriage was restored. John Hayes had shaken hands with that woman as she had walked down the aisle and said I am so glad to see you here tonight. He did not know who she was until she came in the vestry and said “I want Jesus Christ” at the London Road Baptist Church one evening, a man who had come into the inquiry room and found peace with God was worried at the thought of telling his wife. Meanwhile in another room a woman was being counselled. Both wondered how they would tell their respective partners about this, the greatest experience of their lives. They needn’t have worried they were husband and wife and they met on the premises before they went home, after coming to the meeting separately.

On another evening a powerful man who had a criminal record, and against whom the leaders had been warned, came into the church. He came into the vestry with the words “I want God” and knelt at the communion rail with a little girl of thirteen years as each received the Saviour. The man immediately joined himself with a band of open air preachers and went all over the town confessing Christ as his Saviour. He soon brought two of his friends to the meetings who were also led to the Lord.

These stories an many others happened in Lowestoft in March 1921 where a move of God led to hundreds of conversions in East Anglia and North East Scotland as the revival spread through fishermen.

Oh God do it again!
Stories all reprinted from “A forgotten Revival” by Stanley Griffin available in paperback on Amazon



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