Destiny for the rest of us

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Liz HentschelLiz Hentschel came from Australia to baptise Grace and then blessed us with a great sermon about Huldah – destiny for the rest of us. Do take a listen…

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Here’s my notes

Lots of famous characters in the Bible, Huldah not one of them. But she changed the destiny of Israel in 7 verses
Most of us will never be famous, BUT we are so important in God’s story and can change history.

3 things we know about Huldah
1) Name of her husband – Shallum
2) Where she lived – the new part of Jerusalem
3) Her occupation – prophet.

Josiah had become king at 8 years old. 15th of 19kings. His parents and grandparents had displeased God in the kingship.
BUT God was pleased with Josiah.
At 16 started seeking God and restored the temple.
2 Chronicles 34 contains the story- at a critical moment the king sent his advisers to consult with Huldah to know what God wanted and then did it. Changed history.

3 things we can surmise about Huldah

1) Nothing is wasted in our backgrounds. God develops us through our circumstances.
2) She listened for and recognised the voice of God. “This is what the Lord says…”. Someone who “hung out with Jesus” as we would say now.
3) She developed the courage to speak and do what God says. Prophets weren’t treated well then, so she was brave when she went for it.

We are a people of destiny, not a mistake. Go for it!



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