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Psalm 91

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Our life group gathering last night was fantastic – great to be together as family and laugh, worship, pray and eat yoghurt coated popcorn (actually I’m not convinced about the last one!). Jo Bruce shared a prompting that Psalm 91 was for a particular situation we prayed for and it was an amazing encouragement! SO much so I wanted to meditate on it this morning.
Psalm 91

The first verse is power packed. As I pondered the words, I found depths to the meaning and blessing in praying it in.
He who dwells – carries that sense of lingers, goes back to David Rawling’s prophetic word about the importance of intimacy on Sunday morning.
in the shelter – the NKJV has “secret place”. Just me and Him, enjoying His presence and protection as I pray.
of the Most High – there is none greater, no other name that is Higher than Jesus!
will rest – there is peace, re-vitalising, energy that comes from the presence of God
in God’s shadow – When we were on holiday in Sicily, it was hot, very hot. One day I sat in the shadow of a large rock in a beautiful secret cove we had found. It was cooler, with breeze and protection from the sun’s burning rays. In God’s shadow there is coolness, breeze and protection that we need.

Great stuff! As you look to grow in intimacy, how is God speaking to you from His word?