Displacing the orphan heart part 1

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What would your life be like if you had no fear?

No fear of man? No fear of what others think about you because you are secure in the Father’s love. No fear of opening your heart to truly experience the enormity of His love and give it away to the next person you meet?
What would your marriage be like?
Your family like?
Your other relationships like?
What would the Gateway be like if there was no fear? If everyone here was set free from the fear of trusting, the fear of rejection and abandonment and the fear of opening hearts to love and intimacy.
Fear disables us.

Do you get up every day feeling like a son or daughter confident in your Father’s live and living to give it to others? Or do you get up more like a slave, struggling constantly with fear of failure and rejection, struggling to trust and wondering what you have to do to appease the master today.
Moving from spiritual slavery to son or daughtership is a matter of reaching the place where we are so loved and accepted in our Father’s heart so that it is overflowing wherever we go.

To do that we have to deal with the matter of the orphan heart.

We are all born with an orphan heart that rejects parental and other authority and seeks to be independent doing everything our way. The only people born without an orphan heart were Adam and Eve. They had a spirit of sonship from the beginning but swapped it for an orphan heart when they chose to go their own way apart from God. That fall has meant the orphan heart gets passed down to every succeeding generation – so it’s our common heritage. Going to be talking about sonship a lot – I mean both. If being a daughter has left you being slighted, that’s okay because for all eternity the believing men in your life will called the BRIDE of Christ too! It will all balance out!!!!

Our quest is not to regain our sonship with the Father, because we never had it. We are talking about receiving a heart of sonship that displaces our orphan heart.
The truth of the Gospel is that To all who receive Jesus, who believe in Him, Jesus gives us the right to become children of God – that’s John 1:12. The moment you put your faith in Jesus death and resurrection, you are adopted, no longer an orphan without a heavenly Father. It’s legal true of you -it’s your born-again right, as opposed to birthright. But you may not feel like it is true or believe it because your mind needs renewing. Spiritual sonship is a battle for the mind issue.
Bit like the lady who used all her savings a ticket for a ferry to New York for England. Carried on some food, trying to make it eek out, looking longingly each day at all the passengers enjoying the food in the dining hall. About half way through she asks a steward how much are the meals. They are included madam.
Not yet a believer – you can become one and receive sonship
Believer – you are a son, start living like one!

Our orphan hearts started in the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve were deceived by Lucifer the first spiritual orphan.

Satan or Lucifer was an angel
Ezekiel 28:13-15
Isa 14:12-15 wanted more, lost everything
Separated from his original home, he is resentful of anyone enjoying intimacy with the Father (John 10:10)
No longer walking in the Father’s love – competing for recognition, position and power

Jealousy drove Satan to deceive Adam & Eve
Conning people to think like him, homeless and cut off from God’s love

Adam & Eve were living in innocence, joy and open loving fellowship with Gather God
Satan in his bitterness and hatred was envious of their love and intimacy.
People with an orphan heart are envious of anyone who enjoys true love and intimacy – so Lucifer determines to destroy it.

Quickest way to shut down intimacy and trust is by sowing doubt – did God really say?
You can be like Him – forgetting they already are!
Orphan thinking starts to doubt Father God’s love, kindness and generosity

Eve was deceived, and Adam sinned deliberately (1 Tim 2:4)
Orphan heart is like a short cut spirit – trying to find short cuts to maturity.

Dissolves into a blame game – they get banned from the garden, because there is a very real danger they will eat from the tree of life and live for ever in their alienated orphan hearted state.

The orphan heart is the source of our fears, anxieties and torment

Good news is Jesus said I will not leave you as orphans – John 14:18.

Malachi 4:5-6 amazing promise
Elijah overthrew Jezebel spirit – that matriarchal demonic spirit that emasculates godly leadership and encourages immorality. Elijah represents a godly fathering anointing that will be released on the earth in the end times.

Lovely Alpha testimony on the latest version – young man, struggled as a teenager, got in trouble. Comes home, can't face parents, barricades himself in room. Dad knocks. Son come out – I love you and just want to hug you right now.

John 14:2-3 father’s house has many rooms. God is preparing a home for us – that place where we are safe
John 10:10 abundant life

Favoured sons get disciplined Heb 12:7-8 If not disciplined then actually a bastard. How you receive admonishment is a big indicator of how much of an orphan heart you have.
How do we receive discipline? If not well, acting like an orphan. Sons know it is part of maturation and nurture. Verse 9 we are subject to Father of spirits. Dependent, underneath. Paraphrase be subject to the Fathers mission and live. The opposite is subject to self.
Fathers mission is to experience His love and pass it on to the next person. In right order! Great commandment and great commission.
Great commandment is a call to intimacy The great commission is a call to fruitfulness

Some of you had horrific fathering experiences, growing and some of you had amazing dads. Either way, because of Adam and Eve, we can have orphan heart in stable home or dysfunctional e.g. prodigal son Luke 15.

Some of you may be thinking – I live completely as a son, I’m completely free of orphan heartedness. You’re living in Lala land. We are all in the process of renewing our minds and part of that is allowing God’s perfect love to drive out fear.
Let's do some final diagnosis, before we can begin to look at the cure.
So here’s 20 different ways we can be living like a slave or a son
(Handout from Jack Frost’s book Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship)

Orphan or Son
1 Image of God
Orphan Master who must be appeased constantly – got to pray more, read the Bible more, or work harder to earn God's notice and favour.
Son- loving father who accepts them unconditionally. God's love not based on performance, but on who us giving it.

2) Dependency
Orphan – independent and self-reliant – they are convinced they cannot rely on anyone else. You may have the mantra if anything is going to get done right, I'll need to do it myself.
Son – interdependent, need the community of love that God and the body of Christ offer. This interdependency allows them to be open for Father's love to flow through them to others.

3) Theology
Orphans – love the law, just like the Pharisees they related to God on the basis of adherence to laws, principles, rules and regulations.
Sons – live by the law of love. Value truth knowing the greatest truth is to receive the Father’s love

4) Security
Orphans are insecure, but try to cover it. Not a lot of inward peace and rest. Life for an orphan is filled with uncertainty, fear of trusting, abandonment and intimacy.
Sons are at peace and rest in the Father’s embrace

5) Need for approval
We all need approval!
Orphans – addicted to it and strive for praise, approval and the acceptance of man – those are counterfeit affections that don't satisfy. and lead to the fear of failure and rejection.
Sons – not so infuenced by this turmoil, because they know that they are accepted by the Father. They know they are totally accepted u God's love and grace.

6 ) Motive for service
Orphans – sense of need for personal achievement, seeking to impress God and others. They can become so weary doing good, they give up!
Sons – joyfully serve out of motivation of gratitude and acceptance

7 Motive behind Christian disciplines
Orphans – some apathetic, others do the disciplines out of duty
Sons – a delight and pleasure rather than duty

8) Motive for purity
Orphans – must be holy to be accepted by God
Sons – want to be holy out of love for the Father, be just like dad

9) Self Image
Orphans – low self image, attitude of self rejection
Sons – positive and affirmed, because they know how valuable they are to Father

10) Source of Comfort
Orphans – counterfeit affections – addictions, compulsions, escapism busyness, hyper-religious activity – the busier the happier.
Sons – quietness and solitude, resting in the Father’s love

11) Peer relationships
Orphans – competition, rivalry, jealousy. Fighting and scrambling for every advantage
Sons – humility and honour

12) Handling others faults
Conflict is unavoidable and everyday part of life
Orphans – accusation, exposure, while trying to look God.
Sons relationship oriente – in love dealing with faults. Covering not coverng up – ie protecting from humiliation and destructive exposure until its resolved.

13) View of authority
Orphans – have experienced it badly and are now suspicious of any other authority other than their own and resent and fear it
Sons – respect and honour legitimate authority. Teachable.

14) View of admonition
Orphans – don’t receive it well, because don't like admitting they are wrong. Admonition is rejection! They will blame others, trying to justify themselves.
Sons – receive it as a blessing and needed to grow to maturity. It might cause our fur to bristle, but we recognised valuable correction and tehgrowth opportunity.

15) Expression of love
Orphans – guarded and conditional
Sons – open, transparent and affectionate

16) Sense of God’s presence
Orphans – distant and conditional – on a good day, after a good quiet time!
Sons – enjoy intimate presence, not dependent on their behaviour

17) Condition
Orphans – bondage, slave to fear, mistrust, independence and self reliance
Sons – condition of liberty, free from fear, shame and constant need to prove themselves.

18) Position
Orphans – living as if they don’t have a home, like a servant or slaves
Sons – at rest and peace in Father’s love in every circumstance

19) Vision
Orphans – fired by spiritual ambition. seen and counted as successful and mature
Sons – no proving or striving

20) Future
Orphans – uncertain. So fight for everything you can get!
Sons – willing to wait for inheritance, because they know their future is bright and certain.

How are you doing?
Quite eye opening isn't it. For some of you there will be one or two areas of low score, others there might be lot.
Facing up to where you are at realistically is so important. God loves you just as you are, but he doesn't want to leave you that way! His perfect love drives out the spirit of fear. His Spirit makes you realise you have been adopted as a son, the very second you put your faith in Jesus Christ.

Next week I'm going to show us how God will displace the sons of orphan heartedness, so you can experience more fully what is already true of you – You are Son and a Saint whatever they say!

1 John 4:18 tells us There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to with punishment and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

In a moment I am going to invite you forward to receive God's love to begin to displace some of those areas of orphan thinking. Some of you are thinking I'm fine I don't need to come forward. I don't want people to see me vulnerable or in need in anyway. What you will be shouting louder than you realise is that you are an orphan!

Highly recommend Jack Frost’s – Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship where I got the 20 symptoms from.



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