Prophetic words from the 10th Anniversary Weekend

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There were some very helpful prophetic words from the 10th anniversary weekend, which will shape the next season.

David Taylor
I felt God draw me to the book of Ruth and Naomi and her family leaving Bethlehem because of famine and travelling into Moab. Bethlehem meaning the house of bread. Her family increased with the addition of her son’s wives who were foreign to her. 10 years they lived in Moab and eventually returned because they heard there was bread in Bethlehem. I felt God lay on my heart that 10 years at times have felt like a famine but now there is bread in the house and God is preparing for the next phase of the journey with the extended family. Received this a couple of days ago and felt with what was said tonight, that God is going to use this extended family to bring bread to others in a famine area is an encouragement.

Rebecca Clayton
A time of rearrangement – of reordering. Some things changing, others being removed, some added.
You can’t enter into the next season in the same way as you did the last.
A change of perspective is coming – God is going up give you new lenses through which you view things. Not that the existing paradigms you have are wrong – just not what you need in this season.
I see Him enlarging your vision. Your thinking is too small. Believe me for more says The Lord.
Think bigger, believe more of yourself. Your faith in me is not under question – but you must believe more in yourself and your capacity.
Reach up, look up for the vision is much bigger than you imagine. It is not presumptuous to believe me for more. I invite you, to ask.
Seek first the kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added into you.
(Mike mentioned transition… there is a transitional phase in a woman’s birthing process where things go s bit quiet for a while. Seems like nothing is happening but it is. It’s preparation for the next lot of pushing. )

Andy King
So, the word / observation this morning: I looked at where most people were sitting this morning and the majority were either sitting on the wings or on the bleachers. Of the 48 “front and centre” seats, only 14 were occupied! (Note- look at the photos from last night and how many visitors took up these seats!) Two things came to mind. Firstly, I think God wants to call more people to the front and centre in this season. There are lots of people who have discounted themselves from the very centre of church life- either through past disappointments, insecurities or whatever. God wants to call people back to the front and centre of the church. In some cases, this’ll mean leadership, but in others it just means a deep commitment to the church through thick and thin. Last night you had lots of people from outside the church who love the church, pray for it, are devoted to seeing it grow. I think God wants to see more of those people grown and nurtured from the inside!

Mike Betts
When God made all the different species, plants, animals, fish and reptiles, there is this phrase and “each produced after their own kind”. We take that for granted – an apple tree doesn't produce pears, it produces apples.
In Corinthians, Paul tries to compare life now with the resurrected life – principle of first the natural then the spiritual.
In the natural all the species produce after their own kind. In the spiritual – what God has done here he is going to reproduce, so it is obviously you but in lots of other places.
Think about what you are – multicultural, carving things out of nothing… Church planting is tough, it takes grit. Andy & Janet have plenty of grit. The Lord will help you carve out of granite in places where there is nothing.
You will reproduce in other nations and the area – no geographical limits on it.
Be ready to be a church planting church that is multi-cultural.
The things you do: eat, gather nations and plant churches – you will reproduce after your own kind.
Promise – don't try to be different elsewhere. Be who you are.
No strain, no 10years strategic plans, no planning over maps. Jesus will produce fruitfulness looking like you – 20-30years of fruit bearing.

There's going to be an increase of Filipino and Indian people groups in this church. God is breathing on the Filipinos in area and there will be different Indian languages. An Extra-ordinary blessing, seeds that are here now will bear fruit. There will be even Indian music on some Sundays, a bit of Bollywood. Why? Why in King's Lynn Because God will display his multi-coloured wisdom in this place. And He has ordained it.



Andy planted the Gateway Church in Sept 2007. He and Janet love to gather different nations together to grow in Christ while eating good food! He also helps to shape and serve a couple of Relational Mission's church plants in mainland Europe. Andy and Janet run regularly, largely to offset the hospitality eating! He also runs a popular WordPress plugin Church Admin