Hope in a hostile world

1 Peter

Peter wrote his first letter to dispersed Christians in Asia Minor, beginning to fear persecution after his friend James was murdered in Jerusalem in AD 62. It's a potent book on the beauty and power of the Gospel of grace to give us hope in a hostile world.

Hope in a hostile world

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1 Peter was written with the smell of persecution in the air. Peter writes to encourage the believers to have and bring hope to a hostile world

Speaker: Andy Moyle
Series: 1 Peter
Date: 26th Oct, 2017
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Scriptures: 1 Peter 1:1-2
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Donnie Griggs “Is there a more potent chapter in the Bible on the beauty and power of the Gospel to save us, keep us saved and make us holy?”
Written by Peter
Written between AD 62-64
James murdered in AD 62 causing great fear
Nero all out persecution in AD64f - Peter died in that persecution
Book doesn’t read like it’s all out persecution and slaughter, but it has the smell like it’s on the horizon
Just 105 verses - 30mins to read
Addressing fear and showing them the goodness of God’s grace and hope
To the elect exiles of the dispersion
Who is that?
i) Jews from Palestine - apostle to the Jews
Exiles is imagery from the OT where the people of God were dispersed from Israel into the nations, some never to return.
ii) Christians away from heaven
1 Peter 2:9-10 once not a people
1 Peter 4:3-4 don’t join in what they do anymore
NT heaven is our citizenship
Phil 3:20; Heb 11:13; Heb 13:14
NT concept is that our citizenship is in heaven, here is not our home. We are foreigners, aliens and strangers here.
That’s what it means and it carries forward the OT chosen people of God who were Israel, to the new Israel, the new covenant people of God being Jew and Gentile in Christ who have found, or been found by Jesus
Peter apostle to the Jews - could have rejected Gentiles being included, it's astonishing he's calling them chosen of God the Father. Could have rejected Cornelius. A divine afterthought, a parenthesis for the real plan of Israel. No! He'd had the revelation they are included. The people of God
is much more inclusive - it's made of Jews and Gentiles who believe in Jesus. The plan was foreknown by the Father before the creation of the world! Hallelujah!
In Asia Minor
The readers are in Roman provinces of what is now Turkey. Goodness me what i described earlier about the verge of major persecution would feel right you wherein Turkey. Last year went to a conference there - for safety we had to fly not into Istanbul, considered too dangerous.
Smell of tough times ahead and Peter wants them to be anchored and grounded in the hope of the Gospel.
Hope is NOT a hope so, it’s a know so. He wants them to know who they are and where they really are. So they can stand firm.
Elect - controversial doctrine! because if we are chosen it implies some are not.
In the scriptures all talk of being chosen and elect is addressed to people who are already followers of Christ. That information is not given to us to make us think we are special - it’s to comfort us that God chose us and won’t let go. It’s unconditional election or we are going to get snotty proud that He chose us! If you go silly on it you don't tell others about Jesus because if they are elect He will do it. No! Treat everyone like they are elect and love them, be Jesus to them, tell 'em - God knows who will respond!
Election is a doctrine for the saved to give us comfort, not pride or laziness.
You are chosen, know it, feel it. I am a chosen one, because God is good!
If you are sitting on the fence - choose Jesus today, because if you are hear listening to this, know that he has chosen you too.
Knowing you are chosen makes a big difference if you are facing some stuff. So now Peter gives us some fixed points to triangulate.
Scout - compass and map to take bearings of fixed landmarks to triangulate where you are.
Sat nav, smart phone uses satellite technology to triangulate where you are.
Peter uses three fixed points for us to take bearings off, to know who we are and what we are.
I’m elect - trig point 1 ACCORDING to the foreknowledge of the Father
I’m elect trig point 2  IN sanctification of the Spirit
I’m elect trig point 3 FOR obedience to the Son and for sprinkling by His blood.
Early trinitarian reference of Father Son and Spirit who gives us fixed bearings to know who we are. When times are tough we have got to know who we are!
According to the foreknowledge of the Father
They must not panic at the news that James has been killed because the Father knows every event in history long before it happens.
They must not feel isolated and vulnerable, because the all-knowing God has told them to call him Father.
Your earthly dad met you when you were born, Your heavenly Dad has known you and pursued you since before the dawn of time.
He chose to love them and you and to make them and you part of His earthly family.
2,000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross he threw out a rope of hope to you and you and you and you. You just have to grab hold of it and God ties an unbreakable loop to hold onto you.
Even as persecution is beginning to hit, in their darkest hour their position never ever changes. They can still call the Lord God Almighty, the Sovereign One Dad.
Christian, you have been CHOSEN
In the sanctification of the Spirit
Jesus won your forgiveness on the cross, paid for all your sin, ransomed and redeemed you, so that you are freed from slavery to sin, forgiven and free. The Spirit is the one that applied it to you. He was the one that regenerated your spirit that was dead in sin, made it alive so that you could respond to the rope of hope. The phrase in the sanctification of the spirit - is literally through the sanctifying work of the Spirit - being made holy, set apart.  So the Spirit made your spirit  alive and it is He that has come and filled you and made you God's dwelling place on earth. He is the one sanctifying you ongoingly. He made you holy and is making you holy.
When you feel weak and fearful the Holy Spirit strengthens you with God's power to be brave.
When you are grieving the Holy Spirit is the God of all comfort who comforts you.
If you are arrested for your faith the Spirit will tell you what Father wants you to say.
If you feel like throwing in the towel, the Spirit will encourage you with a fresh glimpse of God's glory
He will remind you that you are God's child, whom he chose, whom He love, with whom He is well pleased.
Thirdly we are chosen For obedience to Jesus and for sprinkling by His blood.
Being chosen according to the foreknowledge of the Father IN the sanctification of the Spirit is FOR a purpose.
It's not just a generic spirituality, all nicey nicey in our culture, but into the new covenant founded on the blood of Jesus.
For Obedience to Jesus is simple to grasp
Jesus's last words were that we go and make disciples, baptise them and teach them to OBEY what they have been taught.
The apostle Paul's introduction to the letter to the church in Rome tells us he received grace and apostleship to bring about obedience.
God doesn't just forgive us and set us free He wants us to walk in the Spirit, follow Him, let Him be Lord. He knows best. He wants us to obey Him.
So I can get that we are chosen for obedience. But we are chosen to sprinkled in the blood too! In my sanitised buy my meat in a cellophane pack society that is weird!
Do you want to learn a new word. I love learning new words. Here' the word for the weak - obedience and sprinkling is a HENDIADYS.
It's when you express a single idea with two words.
Peter is showing us the new covenant is foreshadowed in the old covenant and much better too!
Ex 24:6-8 Moses sprinkled the blood on the people to seal the covenant and the people said they would obey.
That newly formed people of God, Israel pledged their obedience to God and then they are sprinkled with the blood of the covenant.
Only they only had human willpower to obey and they weren't very good at it. And they needed to be sprinkled with blood regularly to purify them and consecrate them to the Lord.
Naem Fazal story. Naem is an ex Muslim, now  Christian pastor in the States. He was talking with a Muslim about the issue of sin, which is universal and sacrifices. He asked did your family make sacrifices for sin. Yes. Did you ever get together with other families to make a bigger sacrifice. Yes. How big a sacrifice would it take for the whole world. That, that would be a God sized amount. Yes - it would take God himself.
All through the OT there's a promise of a better covenant.
Jesus' blood, the perfect sacrifice was shed to spiritually sprinkle us. Only one sacrifice was needed for evermore.
We get to obey in the power of the Spirit.
Peter's original readers and us are the ones for whom Jesus shed His precious blood. They and we are the ones who have been declared pure and sinless in God's sight, consecrated as holy and obedient work tools in the Jesus' hands.
Samaritan’s Purse missionary doctor Kent Brantly caught Ebola during the recent West Africa outbreak. He survived and then gave his blood to three others, so they could benefit from his antibodies. Those affected had to be open to the idea and then receive the blood for it to work.
So we have triangulate our position - pointed the compass at three known landmarks, received our position from GPS - God's Positioning System. Christian you were and are chosen, elect, a foreigner on earth, but living here for now with huge purpose.
God chose you according to his foreknowledge - despite not because!
He chose you to sanctify you, set you apart in the power of the Spirit.
He chose you for obedience and to be sprinkled with the blood of Christ - the new covenant that covers the new people of God made up of Jews and Gentiles who receive Jesus.
Salvation - 2,000 years ago Jesus made the perfect sacrifice on the cross throwing out the rope of hope to each and every one of you. Some here today sitting on the fence, thinking about. You need to let go of other things you have been using to keep you safe - status, job, career, visa, drinking, addictions. Whatever it is. And grab hold of the rope of hope. Jesus is throwing it directly to you today, grab it. Be forgiven, made new and brought into friendship with the Father.
Identity - some of you need to ground your identity today. You have been chosen by the Father, saved through the Son, filled with the Spirit. Given a new passport with position and status guaranteed. Given the moment you received Jesus, grabbed hold of that rope of hope He threw you. More of the Spirit to know it! Paul's prayer - spirit of wisdom and revelation to know Him better.
Giving up - been a struggle, the battle has been hard, tired and weary. The Spirit wants to meet with you and pour His mighty dunamis power in you. To lift up your eyes again, so you can prevail.

Posted by: Andy Moyle
On: 31st Oct, 2017 at 11:29 am

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