Acts - Mission:Possible

Big vision, ordinary people filled with a might God

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The message of Acts is a big vision getting done by ordinary people filled with a mighty God

Speaker: Andy Moyle
Series: Acts - Mission:Possible
Date: 4th Sep, 2018
Download: Big vision, ordinary people filled with a might God
Plays: 6
Scriptures: Acts 1:8
Big vision, Ordinary People, Extraordinary God Too small to make a difference? try sleeping with a mosquito in the room! Starting a series in the book of Acts - boiled down to a big vision, ordinary people, extraordinary God Acts 1:1-11 Big Vision v8 Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, End of the Earth Enormous vision - Northern Europe 250,000 villages, towns and cities without an evangelical witness King’s Lynn 47,000 people who don’t know Jesus Abstract to concrete - What about your kids, grandkids, parents, friends? Vision has to be bigger than us so it’s God Ordinary people v11 Men of Galilee v11 Unschooled, ordinary men 4:13 Don’t understand the vision v6 Pitifully mediocre for the task! Extraordinary God Old Testament has 8,000 promises, one per 3 verses - one encapsulates them all v4 Promise of the Father Filled with power - Isa 60:22-61:1 Power to be witnesses not to do some witnessing God’s plan is a big vision done by ordinary people in the power of an extraordinary God - refuses to do it any other way Application Questions What is a contemporary application of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth? What do they symbolise in terms of who we are reaching? Why does God use ordinary men and women like us? Why are all the promises of God encapsulated in the promise of the Father Acts 1:4? What’s the difference between being a witness and doing witnessing? Pray for each other to be filled again with power to be witnesses

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