Give us 40 years of impact!

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When Reginald Radcliffe preached at Oldmeldrum, to the North East of Inverurie, the large free church congregation was unimpressed by his simple unadorned gospel address. There was no response to the appeal at the end of the service and people began to make their way homeward, The workers gathered around Radcliffe in dismay, but he said,

“Friends have faith in God. Let us ask Him to send them back.”

Their prayer was quickly answered. Arrested as if by an unseen hand, the congregation began to return to the church in ones and twos and later in crowds, until the big kirk was again one-third full.

The cold indifference was now gone and the simplest words melted their hearts until the old assembly was in tears. The elderly Rev Garioch was said to have been “transported. His face shone like an angels.”

Another said of this occasion, “The cloud of Divine mercy burst upon us in such a manner that I can only wonder and adore. I am as one that has dreamed, and often I ask myself, “Can it be real what has passed before us thee last few days?” Dr R McKilliam who present at these occasions could reflect several decades later: “For many, many months we continued to reap and the place was literally changed… croquet parties, social evening etc were set aside for prayer meetings… for well nigh forty years we have never quite lost the practical results (of the revival) from our life and ministry”

Scotland Ablaze, Tom Lennie

Oh God do it again here and now!



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