A new culture is emerging

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I looked at my watch for the first time last night at 11:30pm as physical tiredeness was beginning to hit. We’d be praying and worshipping for a few hours without a break. We were calling on God for a fresh move of God in our land. I snuck a coffee and a biccie and carried on pressing in, giving the amen as precious prayer after prayer from the heart was uttered interspersed by songs that carried the theme of what had been prayed.

There’s a breathtaking new culture of prayer emerging. Paul & Pat’s strategy of prayer teams over the last few years has built something wonderful here. I’m excited to see how God will answer the cries of His people.

What are we looking for? Acts 4:31 says it all “And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness. (ESV)”

I was reading of the 1859 Scottish revival (again!) in the bath this morning and came to this passage…

A young girl from Portgordon was laid down in a state of complete prostration (it was a mark of that revival for people to fall under the power of God in conviction of sin before conversion!) at a meeting in Portessi, undergoing a might struggle before she saw Jesus approaching her and giving her a drink of living water. In her vision, Jesus told her to go and testify to those in her home township. She had t be led there by her sister for her sight was taken from her until she had delivered the message. At the close of the meeting in Portgordon Free Church, the girl stood up and shared her remarkable testimony. The Lord ‘shook Portgordon that night. The meeting place was crowded with people anxiously enquiring how they could come to Jesus and many found their way to Him… In a bout a week the whole place was aflame and even drunkards had not only become new men in Christ Jesus, but were out preaching the good news to others… Many backsliders were also restored.'” (Scotland Ablaze by Tom Lennie)

Come on Lord, do it again here!



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