Season shaping reading

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Sometimes I start reading a book that completely rocks my world! At the moment, I’m in three that are going to shape the next season.

Walk softly before God

Mike Sprenger has been a faith hero of mine for decades. He’s a seasoned evangelist with such a lovely gentle nature and great anointing. This fantastic book is about revivals that have happened in the UK. He writes in a way that stirs hunger for God and for revival and has fuelled my passion for praying it in. (It’s £10 incl P&P and only available direct from Mike

So I have been blow away about the need to praying…

How to pray

How to pray is a newly published banger from Pete Greig on… how to pray. As he puts it “a simple guide for normal people.” The book “does what it says on the tin”. So helpful on being stirred to pray. Join me in reading it and putting it in to practice.

It’s available on Amazon and Apple Books

Scattered Servants

Jesus told his disciples out fishing to cast the nets again after a night of no success. It was only when they did so that they caught a large catch of fish. Alan Scott’s book Scattered Servants is about equipping ordinary believers to go out from the gathered church as scattered servants to see the kingdom come. I’m only a few chapters in, but it is so helpful

It’s available on Amazon and Apple Books

So there you have it 3 books of season shaping reading. Looking forward to seeing the fruit of putting them into practice in and around King’s Lynn and far beyond!



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