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Baptisms on Sun 21st July

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Jesus’ last words were “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…”, so we will be doing just that with at least three recent converts. Baptisms are one of our favourite things to do! They are full of celebration and joy as we thank Jesus for all that he has done in people’s lives.

Getting baptised is a powerful symbol of what God has done in our lives when we become a Christian – the old you has died and is buried with Christ. You come up out of the water as a new creation.

We believe the Bible is clear that all believers need to be baptised and so we would encourage you to get baptised as soon as possible if you are a Christian.

As people get submersed in water they are declaring their faith publicly. In doing so, they are identifying themselves with Jesus’ death and resurrection! So we love to party – there will be cheers and laughter, prayers and prophecy and a lot of joy!

Why not join us on Sunday 21st July at King’s Lynn Academy 10am!
After the service, why not stick around for lunch too – please bring a plate of cold buffet type food if you can to share