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Incredible prophecy from 2008 about the church changing

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A good friend found this prophetic word from 2008 on one of my old websites, so I’ve copied it over and highlighted an amazing foretelling of what is happening in churches worldwide right now in the midst of the traumatic Covid-19 pandemic…

Ginny Burgin from Sheffield who brought the so called “Diana prophecy” before Princess Diana died, prophecied what is happening now. I haven’t been able to find it on the web, so here it from Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting last year…

I just feel God saying, in yet a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth, and that which cannot be shaken, will remain. I have not spoken these things to you because you do not hear, I have spoken these things to you to underline my promises to you at this time. I’ve spoken these things to you that you may write them on the depths of your heart. I’ve spoken these things to you so that you may know, that that which cannot be shaken, will be that which remain. For a shaking is coming in this nation says the Lord, for it is time for this nation to seek the Lord. And I tell you that that which has been unprecedented is the beginning of many unprecedented things which will happen in this nation. For I tell you, great challenges will come, challenges that challenge every part of where a man puts his security. For even as shoppers go out in their materialism they will be faced with eternity. Even as many celebrate international sporting events, they will be faced with eternity. For I tell you it is a time now for this nation to begin to seek the Lord. And I tell you unprecedented things will happen in government, unprecedented things will happen in the heavens over this nation, for I tell you I am about to move in this nation in a way that has not yet been seen in your day. And I tell you that I underline about a new address, I underline about a new way of being, I underline all these things in your hearts today, because they way you have known church will change says the Lord. The way you have known church, will suddenly be church in a different way, it’ll be as I build my church, it will be as I cause you to be flung into the arena in a way that you have not known before. For I tell you, even as Joseph stood and fed the nations, he knew what it was to have been down the pit, he knew what it was to have spent time in the dungeons. I tell you my people, I am for you, I am with you, but I speak to you of a shaking in this nation that is to come. But I want to speak to you about a time of blessing upon your churches that is coming in the immediate. And I want to tell you about the opportunities that you will have with those that are not even those who know my name, you will have opportunities and they will give you opportunities and they will give you finances and they will give you places to meet, and they will give you openings that are startling. But as that time closes, you will know things begin to happen in this nation, and I tell you these things because I want you to see that that time is coming for my church to rise up. And I tell you, you will meet with people who know my name, who you never thought you would meet with. You will fellowship with those who you never thought you would fellowship with and you will sing together of my name with those who you never knew you would sing with. For I tell you, my church will arise in this nation, and that which is spoken of – of spirit and word, will be meshed and melted together in the reality of church in action in this nation. For I tell you, I will build my church, and nothing, nothing will prevail against it. And I build you my people, and I put into your hearts, into your spirits my word. By faith I speak my word into you, even in these two days, I will build you in your faith. Those who have felt straightened, those who have felt squeezed in their ministry, I tell you, that squeezing is because of that which is about to outflow from your situations. That squeezing is about the unlocking that is coming into your situations. For I am releasing now, I am bringing you into a time of releasing, the releasing of many more young men, young women who will go out for my purposes. But I tell you, it is not a day for you that are older to retreat, it is not a day for you who feel that it is time now for you to pass on the baton, there will be no baton passing in that sense because there is still much for you to do, for I have mountains for the Calebs here that are yet to be handed out. Therefore, know and stand firm on all the promises that I am giving you in these days, and I will add to them because there will be a shaking, and that that cannot be shaken, will be that which remains.

At Prayer and Fasting this week, we spent an hour or so praying into it. It is time for the church to rise up, pray and have confidence in the promises of God. This Sunday I am going to preach on the second half of Dan 11:32 ” But the people who know their God will stand firm and take action” The AV says do “mighty exploits”

In King’s Lynn we had a mighty word about a wave of the Spirit that is to come that will overwhelm us if we are not prepared, so we have some work to do to be ready what God is doing in our nation and the nations!
A wonderful follow up from Ginny this week, pointing us to the God who is in control…

Such a helpful video from our ChristCentral Churches team member Ginny Burgin explaining how we should view the prophetic in the current situation:

Posted by ChristCentral Churches on Sunday, 29 March 2020

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