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7 marks of the kingdom

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This morning I have been praying about God’s Kingdom coming in greater and greater measure and power in and around us. I was stirred to pray, having come across and handout for some teaching I had done a while ago.

May we see more and more of this in our workplaces, clubs, homes, life groups and Sunday gathering. Pray! Do!

Kingdom theme Luke 4 / Isaiah 61 reference Key Isaiah Verse Jesus’ Ministry Early church
Deliverance or salvation “Liberty to captives” Isaiah 61:1


Demonic deliverance, forgiveness of sin Demonic deliverance, forgiveness of sin,

Peter and Paul released from prison

Righteousness and justice “Liberty to the oppressed, good news to the poor” Isaiah 32:1,16 Healing on the Sabbath, woman in adultery

The cross

Declaration of the cross and our new identity in Christ
Peace “Bind up the broken hearted” Isaiah 9:6, 32:17 Calming of the storm, “Go in peace” Looking for men and women of peace.

Proclamation of peace with God

Joy “Oil of gladness” Isaiah 9:3 Joy in reception of the kingdom, persecution, ministry success and prayer 79 times!

Joy in the city,

Normal kingdom life is Romans 14:17

God’s presence “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me” Isaiah 60:1 Jesus baptism, return from wilderness, healing power… Pentecost, prayer meetings, deacons, mass fillings with the Spirit…
Healing “recovery of sight to the blind” Isaiah 35:5-6 Every person Jesus ministered to was healed Many healed
Comfort “To comfort all who mourn” Isaiah 51:3 The promised of the comforter (John 14:26) Comfort in affliction 2 Cor 1:3; one anothering