Transition from Prison to Freedom

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26th Jan, 2018 Day 26

Matt 18:10-35

Transition from Prison to Freedom

“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.” C. S. Lewis.

My childhood was filled with sad moments. I was weak, often falling sick, even to the point that I almost lost my eye sight, thankfully my eyes healed and I was able to open them after 3 days. I was the eldest son of my bankrupt parents, we did not even have things which were necessary to survive. I was put up in a school that added to my nightmares. I was insulted and beaten black and blue by my teachers, bullied and molested by school mates. I have been cheated by my girlfriend, deceived by friends, taken for granted and under-rated by people that I counted on. I grew in bitterness towards my parents and all of them for treating me so badly. That pushed me to getting lost in the world and living in rebellion.

But GOD had a plan. A plan to rescue me from darkness and to give me freedom. I found friends who led me to CHRIST. I started studying the Word and understanding GOD’s ways. The wonderful thing that I understood is that through JESUS CHRIST all my sins are forgiven. But I had a great challenge in front of me. I was challenged by the Lord’s Prayer “Forgive us as we forgive others.” It was a difficult and painful process for me to forgive all those whom I thought messed up in my life. But GOD granted me grace. HE filled me with assurance through HIS scriptures that no matter how terrible the sins I might have committed, through the blood of JESUS all sins are forgiven and that belief gave me strength to forgive my trespassers.

When I made the decision to forgive others, the peace of GOD gripped my heart, the joy of the LORD transformed me. I learned the truth of my identity in CHRIST that set me free from all bondages of my past life. I became a new person in CHRIST.

Forgiveness is a key to gain a higher level of relationship with CHRIST. It is a key for our healing and blessings.
If we find our fellow believer in sin, then you and I need to understand the term confrontation – “care-frontation.” We handle the situation with love and compassion and not by passing judgment on someone and taking GOD's place. But praying for the person and with the help of GOD-ordained leadership.

The message that JESUS wants to convey through the Parable of the Lost Sheep is that HE really cares for little ones, for those who are babies in a spiritual sense. Do we see spiritual babes around us? Then let’s nourish them, nurture them and help them to grow strong in faith.

Swapnil Pardeshi



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