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14th Feb, 2018 Day 45

Matt 28:1-20


It was the biggest and most important miracle on the face of the earth. My attention goes to the first thing the resurrected CHRIST said-  “Go and tell my brothers.” What a glorious progress in relationship between CHRIST and his disciples from being called friends and now brothers!!!

Wait a minute! Brothers??? I mean really??? Taking out a sword to cut the ear of a Roman soldier, denying JESUS in public! Touching the wounds to see if HE is the real one or a ghost… One other gospel book also testified that few even went to verify if HE was really risen. I mean how can JESUS call them brothers???

I understood that JESUS’ perspective is so different, in fact completely opposite to human perspective. While I was looking at their behaviour JESUS was looking at the future – transformed lives, history makers and soon to be martyrs for the sake of CHRIST and the kingdom; and so HE calls them “my brothers”.

The second most important thing that HE did is that he first appeared to his disciples and only to HIS followers, He was with them for about 40 days post resurrection. In a human point of view JESUS should have proven to the Romans, Sadducees and Pharisees how they were wrong and how HE was right. However JESUS was not bothered about that because HIS priority was in charging  His disciples with the Great Commission. His priority then and now is the kingdom.

The same goes for us as for those who were mentioned in the Bible! JESUS’ perspective does not depend on the way we behave but on seeing our lives transformed through the power of GOD and the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit.

HE had perspective about Gideon as a “Mighty Warrior” who was timid and unconfident and hiding in a wine press.

HE had perspective about David as a “Man after my own heart” who's duty was only to deliver lunch or dinner to his brothers and look after flock.

HE had perspective about Mary as a true worshipper and prophesied to her who was a prostitute.

JESUS has perspective for you and me. Let GOD reveal that to each one of us.

Let us understand that GOD has commissioned us to preach the gospel and make disciples. That’s our priority. Let’s not get into a trap of proving ourselves right, leave it up to GOD.

Swapnil Pardeshi



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