Demonstrating the light

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16th May, 2018 Day 136

John 9:1-34

Demonstrating the light

Jesus is the light of the world. He now demonstrates that by bringing light to a man’s eyes. One of the marks of the Messianic age was the recovery of sight for the blind (Isa 29:18; 35:5), so Jesus demonstrates that.

The scene is set with a man born blind. The question is why? Was it sin, that he had done or his parents had done? Sin and suffering are connected in general by the Fall and there are clearly sicknesses usually caused by sinful behaviour – sexually transmitted diseases for one. But individual suffering or sickness is not always attributable to that individual’s sin. We don’t believe in Karma!

All Jesus says is ‘that the works of God will be displayed’. God is good, He is going to heal the man. I’ve never used this particular approach to healing – spit and mud – and don’t particularly want it done to me either! It shows us that there are no formulae to healing, except that we are commanded to heal the sick.

The man is then interviewed by the neighbours, who aren’t sure it’s the same person. He is asked to identify Jesus, but can’t because he hadn’t seen Him before! Next he is taken to the Pharisees who are miffed because their traditions (extra legalism on top of the Law) have been broken. Here’s how Jesus erred in their eyes…


i) a healing on the Sabbath, which was only allowed when life was in danger;

ii) kneading, yes kneading, on the Sabbath! Jesus made mud on the Sabbath;

iii) Jesus anointed the mans’ eyes.

How pathetic, proud and jealous they really are.

They really question the guy, who just tells his story. You can’t argue with a testimony, they are powerful. Some of the Pharisees are impressed and some damn Jesus for His Sabbath breaking. We end with the religious leaders casting the now seeing man out as an utter sinner. Religion condemns, grace saves, heals and delivers.

Thank you Jesus for your healing and saving grace. Amen

Andy Moyle





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