Your testimony will open doors for you

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15th Jun, 2018 Day 166

Acts 9:32-10

What do you see in this portion of the New Testament? What I see is, GOD being pleased by the lifestyle of HIS people. Please have a look at the following Scriptures.

He (Cornelius ) and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to GOD regularly (10:2).

She (Tabitha) was always doing good and helping the poor (9:36).

GOD prepared the way for the miracle in their lives because they were living a life that will draw GOD’s attention. Well, GOD cares for everyone but HE expects us to seek HIM through prayer and doing HIS will. If we look at their lives, it mustn’t have been easy.

If I imagine Cornelius’ life. I don’t think it would have been easy for him to follow a GOD different from his own religion. He chose to follow CHRIST above socioeconomic status.

About Tabitha, in spite of all her good works for people she died. It must have been a deadly disease.

But what happened later in their lives! GOD lifted Cornelius amazingly. Through Cornelius GOD opened the door of salvation for many others. Today even after 2000 years we know who Cornelius is. Tabitha was raised from the dead because of the prayers of some people who never wanted her to die and GOD heard their prayers.

Then Aeneas. After being paralysed and bedridden for eight years he was healed instantly and the whole population of 2 towns turned to the LORD. A revival broke out in two cities. Would you imagine that for your city?

How is our lifestyle in GOD’s eyes? GOD is seeking for people who will seek HIM and do HIS will. JESUS promised us that we will do greater things than JESUS did, but let’s look to CHRIST and pray that you and I will be in the right standing with GOD.

GOD bless…




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