If God is for us

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24th Jul, 2018 Day 205

Rom 8:18-39

God for us
In our life group we have been going through Crazy Love by Francis Chan and a couple of weeks ago I was challenged by discussion on where our home really is – that we can get far to comfy here on earth with friends and families and jobs and houses that we never want to leave. And while God wants us to enjoy this life, He also wants us to live with a focus on where we are going, because He only gave us this life on earth as a temporary home. How many of us actually want Jesus to return today? Or do we enjoy this life too much that we’re not ready to go.
It made me really think and challenged me as I definitely have hopes and dreams for things I would like to do in this life. Francis asked “Do you really want Jesus to return today because you are so convinced that this is not your home, that there’s something so much better waiting for you up there?” I was really challenged by this as I by my nature am a planner and like to think things through and plan things, so often spend my time thinking about what I will do later in the week and how I’m going to get everything done!But Paul here is reminding us that this stuff we go through in life doesn’t matter in the light of eternity. So I can spend my time worrying about how to fit everything in and trying to plan when I will have time to get all I need done, but ultimately these things don’t matter. In the Truth Version, v.18 says “Now you can see why I consider my current predicament as minor inconvenience compared with the wonderful glory that will be revealed in us.”  Paul was in prison at this time, but  he wouldn’t let that distract him from the ultimate goal; yet I know I let far more trivial things distract me on a daily basis!

Thankfully, towards the end of this passage, Paul reminds us that God has made us totally acceptable to Him. In fact as we saw at the beginning of yesterday’s reading, there is no condemnation for those of us in Christ Jesus! Although we mess up and get distracted from the purpose God has for us by situations, circumstances, sin, relationships etc; God wants us and has chosen us to be His people. “So intent is He on seeing His plans fulfilled, He did not protect His Son from the necessary cost of giving His life for us all, because through His grace He wanted to give us everything that belongs to Christ. ” – v.32, Truth Version.

God was willing to go through such suffering for us so that we would be with Him in eternity. Wow! So we know that nothing can separate us from God’s love because there are no lengths that He won’t go to in order to restore our relationship with Him. He will not allow anything to take us away from Him once we have been restored into this relationship with Him. He has won the victory and so ‘if God is for us, who can ever be against us?’ – v.31, NLT.

Know that whatever you are going through now, it is temporary. This is not our final destination. God has so much more for us. Look to Him instead of the giant in front of you. Nothing is impossible with God so don’t let yourself get distracted from where you are going. Nothing can stop God’s plans.

Paul mentions twice in this passage that we need to wait patiently for God. Keep your eyes fixed on Him and He will bring you through every difficulty until you are in Heaven with Him where there will be no more problems, or pain, or suffering. God is large and in charge. Don’t ever let yourself forget that you will be with Him in Heaven one day.



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