Returned in the power of the Spirit

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22nd Mar, 2019 Day 81

Luke 4:14-37

Returned in the power of the Spirit

Jesus returned from the wilderness in the power of the Spirit to begin His ministry. On the Sabbath he went to the synagogue – standing to read. He read Isaiah 61 and then sat down to teach.

Flick open your Bible to Isaiah 61 – it’s interesting to note the bits Jesus missed out when He read it in the synagogue. The passage is about the Messiah who was to come. Isaiah prophesies a lot about this strange anointed figure who will be victorious and will suffer. It goes on to speak about vengeance on evildoers. Jesus doesn’t read that bit – that’s for His second coming. Jesus picks up on the bigger picture of Isaiah where Israel is to be a light to the nations. The Saviour Messiah hasn’t come to inflict punishment on the nations but to bring God’s love and mercy to them.

There’s anointing…

  • to proclaim good news to the poor
  • to bring liberty to the captives
  • for recovering of sight to the blind
  • to bring liberty to the oppressed
  • of favour from the Lord

The gospel is breathtaking in its scope – it’s not just a ticket to heaven it is the complete package – salvation, deliverance, healing and favour from the Lord.

The same Spirit that was on Jesus is now on us to do the same – we have been anointed to proclaim good news to the poor, liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind and liberty for the oppressed. A couple of Sundays ago we heard that Jesus has broken the chains that once bound us, opened the prison doors and we are free. Don’t sit in the cage, even with the chains unbound. Walk free! Live free! Enjoy the favour of the Lord and the presence of the precious Holy Spirit in your home, your family, your work and your play. Be blessed and be a blessing!

Finally did you spot the irony in v29-30? Yesterday Satan invited Jesus to throw himself down because God would protect him. Jesus refused, but now is in a similar predicament. Luke may be telling us that God did protect him, because it came about through his normal ministry rather than through self advertisement. God is with us as we go in His name and in His power!

Andy Moyle



Andy planted the Gateway Church in Sept 2007. He and Janet love to gather different nations together to grow in Christ while eating good food! He also helps to shape and serve a couple of Relational Mission's church plants in mainland Europe. Andy and Janet run regularly, largely to offset the hospitality eating! He also runs a popular WordPress plugin Church Admin