Never too far from salvation!

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9th Jul, 2019 Day 190

Acts 27:13-44

There is no storm too fierce, no pit too deep, and no trouble too great for God’s loving arms of salvation to reach those who are welcoming of them. We must believe this. The world needs to believe this; for it’s the saving light that we crave.

You may have come across the words “this is a dreadful idea and one that’ll most likely end our lives” on one or more occasions in your life (If so and if it related to a gospel effort – a massive high five to you, and do let me know!) Similar words to these were expressed by Paul the apostle (see Acts 27:10) to the Roman centurion as their voyage towards Rome continued under increasingly bad weather conditions. And true to form, the weather worsened with perpetual deadly storms.

Paul does add his “I TOLD YOU SO!” comment on this, v.21, and the heavy words uttered were that “all hope in our being saved was at last abandoned”, v.20. Aching words that are echoed today across cities, towns and villages by men, women and children slammed by the torrents of all sorts of evils; broken relationships, fears, addictions etc. But it doesn’t have to remain this way.

We read in this part of Scripture that the overwhelming noise of crisis and despair was broken into and overpowered by the presence of God (v.22-26). This is God’s nature, the Light that breaks into the darkness and causes it to flee, bringing out life – salvation. John the apostle wrote that Jesus (God) came to undo the works of the evil one (1 John 3:1-10). And Jesus said “whoever believes in the Son has life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life”(John 3:36). Jesus the Son of God (and who is God) is on a wide scale search and rescue mission. He is driven and focused on bringing life – salvation – today and dismantling and removing evil. Do you believe this?

The men on that despairing ship didn’t, apart from Paul who, carrying God’s presence and revelation, shared God’s plan of salvation – a plan that involved staying on the ship until it was run aground. They believed and so they lived.

Today the call from heaven is sounded for every person to enter and stay in the ship that is Christ Jesus who “ran aground” through dying on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, but who did not remain in the ground but rose to life showing his power, giving everlasting life and forgiveness of sins (as promised by Him and the Holy Scriptures) to anyone who believes.

Have you said “yes I believe” to Jesus’ saving life, death and resurrection? Do you trust that Jesus is your provider and rescuer at all points of need or crisis? Are you joining the sound of heaven in sharing this great news of Jesus’ saving work for the world?

I pray that today your faith rises above all the waters to rest in the ship of safety, that is the Saviour, Jesus.

Mike Ikwuagwu




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