The Queen of Sheba

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30th Mar, 2020 Day 90

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Queen of ShebaThere are only two accounts in the Bible of the Queen of Sheba. This one and in 2 Chronicles 9, but over time legends and myths have built up around her. Her mystic inspired the composer Handel to write a piece of music declaring her entrance, and Hollywood in the 1950's to make a film about her.

From this passage we learn she is undoubtably wealthy and influential. In verse 2 it talks about her travelling to Jerusalem with a great many camels, loaded with gold, precious jewels and spices from her country. This does not only show her wealth, but also her willingness to make the journey.

In verse 1 we learn why. She had heard about Solomon's fame and his relationship with the Lord. It was her curiosity and need to find out for herself if the reports were true, that drove her to make the journey. When she arrived in Jerusalem Solomon welcomed her into his palace as a fellow ruler. During her stay with him she tested Solomon, asked him questions and observed his life. This did not only confirm the reports about him but exceeded them. She found him to be authentic and she was overwhelmed (v5). Her response to these findings was to praise Solomon, and also the Lord who she acknowledged was the one who put him on the throne.

Thousands of years later, on a bright Spring day, a horrific earthquake flattened an entire Asian town. Over 10,000 people lost their lives that day and every family bar one exception lost at least one family member. Among those caught up in the earthquake was a young missionary family with 3 small children, who months before that dreadful day had moved to live among this idol worshipping people who had never heard about Jesus. This family were the exception, they all miraculously survived. In the weeks that followed many Christians from the cities where people were hospitalised, visited and met with the victims. The victims, like the queen of Sheba wanted to meet this family to see if the reports were true and their God had protected them, unlike their own gods. From their curiosity being satisfied the story spread to others, who wanted to meet them to hear about this powerful God. Today there is a thriving church in that town.

The Queen of Sheba came because of the reports of Solomon's wealth and wisdom. The people of this Asian town wanted to know because they had heard God was all powerful. Whatever the reason, people are looking to see if the reports are true, are testing them, and finding God.  What reports are people hearing about us at the Gateway, other than being the eating church, which when tested proves to be true. What if they hear that we live out what we believe, we love each other, welcome others, and encounter the real God?

When people come out of curiosity, will they see that the reports are true, become overwhelmed and praise Jesus?


Sarah Vonk