How to get wisdom

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22nd May, 2020 Day 143

Prov 2

Wisdom is precious. James told the early church how to get it James 1:5 – If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” Solomon essentially argues the same thing in today’s reading.
He lists five things we need to do to gain wisdom

  1. Receive my words v1 – we do that by reading the Bible, studying it and listening to good preaching
  2. Treasure up my commandments v1 – we do that by meditating on Scripture. If you are good at worrying, you’ll be great at meditating. Think about Scripture, instead of what you are worrying about – it’s a choice!
  3. Make your ear attentive v2 – faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17)
  4. Call out for insight – As James wrote about – call on God, asking Him for wisdom, he will give it. Ask, believe He will give it and do not doubt.
  5. Seek it like silver, search for it like treasure – that implies some effort on our part – praying, reading and studying the Word and God will give us wisdom.

When we do those things the rest of the chapter outlines what the Lord gives as we are granted more wisdom. Note that Jesus “grew in wisdom in stature”, so it’s not an instant thing, we grow in wisdom as we do the five things above!

We wll get

  • Sound wisdom for the upright v7
  • Shield of integrity v7
  • guarded paths v8
  • watched over ways v8
  • understanding of righteousness and justice v9
  • wisdom in our hearts v10
  • pleasantness in our souls through knowledge v10
  • discretion watching over v11
  • deliverance from the way of evil v12
  • protection from adultery v16-19 – several verse, so watch out adultery is tempting but killing.

What a list. What a God who gives us wisdom when we ask and seek it.

Andy Moyle



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