Led like a lamb

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8th Jun, 2020 Day 160

Isa 53

What riches there are in Isaiah 53 – it’s the Romans 8 of the Old Testament!

He lived in rejection v1-3

The people closest to Christ on earth couldn’t understand him. He was known as a craftsman and it took faith to see Him as Christ. It still does. It is God who enables us to break the faith barrier. We normally judge in a a surface way or by appearances. Jesus didn’t even try to be impressive that way. That’s why Isaiah describes him “as like a root out of dry ground.”

  • His miracles didn’t have the effect they should have had John 12:37-38;
  • His family misjudged him Mark 3:21; The woman at the well had no idea who she was talking too John 4:25-26.
  • He became so hideous in his beating and crucifixion that people shunned him v3 “as one whom men hide their faces.”

Why did he sink so low? He had to become like us for us to become like Him. If we had been there we would have despise and rejected him too. We would have shouted “crucify him!” and go off to follow the cool people – Barabus, Pilate or Caiaphas depending on our politics, religion or even just mood.

Ray Ortlund “When the only true remedy for the guilt that tortures and threatens us with eternal destruction appeared right in front of us, our emotions were dead, our decisions misguided, our minds corrupted. And he accepted it as the price love had to pay to give us our lives back”

He was our sin bearer v4-6

These verses are written as if we were there at the cross. Rembrandt painted himself as one of the people crucifying Jesus. Yet the blood of Jesus flowed for us – to take away our guilt, shame, loss, tears and despair. Jesus doesn’t want us to bear our burdens a second longer. Even though we are like stupid sheep wandering all over the place looking for futile self-help, self-remedies and self-righteous excuses, Jesus has had our sin laid on him. Believe him and have Him take them off you.

He died in innocence v7-9

It was travesty of a miscarriage of justice, but it was also Jesus’ clearheaded choice. It was not beyond his control – Jesus willingly laid down His life for us. Like a lamb, he chose not to open his mouth, chose to take it, chose not to fight back. If that had ended in the grave, it would have been admirable but futile.

He was crushed but victorious v10-12

“He shall see his offspring”. It didn’t end in the grave! Who are the offspring? All who believe. The cross is amazing and powerful. The one who descended so far into such pain and anguish is now enjoying the spoils of victory. Sinners turning into saints, transforming lives.



Andy Moyle




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