The Lord will be king

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19th Jul, 2020 Day 201

Zech 14:1-9

Zechariah has been prophesying a large scale turning of Jews to Jesus their Messiah in the last days. As we reach the last chapter, Zechariah with some pretty vivid imagery and symbolism describes the end days, while alluding to what will also happen in the days we are in!

There will be a final battle between God’s enemies and the Lord and his saints. A remnant survive v1-2 in the midst of all the upheaval. Just as the people of God seem to be loosing, the Lord and his army come and finish it v5. Revelation talks of the day of the Lord – the final redemption of God’s people and the transformation of all creation into the new heavens and earth.

On that day there will be living waters flowing east and west – living waters are often symbolic of new spiritual life coming and the final restoration of all creation (see yesterday, Ezek 47 and Zech 13:1). The loving water continue in summer and winter – symbolising eternity as they never cease. They are not like seasonal waters that only flow during certain periods of the year.

Then we see that the Lord will be king of all the earth. Everyone will see Him and bow the knee!

Eschatology (the study of the end times) is simple. God wins.




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