Jesus is praying for you

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27th Aug, 2020 Day 240

John 17

Jesus is praying for you! Yes you! The Saviour and Creator of the world is interceding for you. He, I would say is pretty good at prayer! His prayers get answered.

God’s choice, our choice

The first few verses show us that God has chosen us. Jesus is praying to the Father in front of the disciples, so these words are addressed to believers. So the doctrine of election comes out. The fact that God chose us, blesses us. It gives us security and assurance. It would be crass for Him to ‘un-choose’ us, like some sort of teenage friendship meltdown. Jesus prays for the eleven – “you gave them to me”. God chose us from before eternity to be part of His family. But Jesus also reiterates that we chose God too – “they have received them (his words)”, “come to know” and  “believed” all in verse 8.

Take comfort and security that God loved you so much, He chose you and will not let you go, even though you also chose Him!

Jesus is praying for us

The next section starts with Jesus praying for the eleven and then widening it to include us.

Here are some of the highlights of His interceding for us, which should give you great comfort and security…

Keep them – in verse 11 Jesus asks the Father to keep them in the power of the Holy Spirit. Not to let them go, or allow them to backslide eternally.

Unity – in v.11 and v.21 Jesus prays for unity. Though we are diverse in age, background, gifting and race, Jesus prays for unity in our diversity.

Not out of this world, v.15 Some Christians want to be out of the world, protected from it in some sort of Christian ghetto.  Jesus wants us to stay in the world to be salt and light, but he does pray for protection for us, because the world hates us.

Sanctify them, v.17 – Jesus prays that we would be sanctified – increase in holiness and in truth. Lots of us wear masks, portraying one thing in public and being very different in private. Jesus’ prayer is that we would become more and more like our new nature. Holy in public and in private.

Glory, v.22, 24 – Jesus prays that we would see His glory and also experience the glory for ourselves. More Lord!

Lastly Jesus prays for God’s love in us. Knowing the love of God has got to be the most profound revelation we can have. It’s beautiful and changes us and it is so attractive to the world out there.

Andy Moyle




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