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January 25th – with the reading now!

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25th Jan, 2022 Day 25
Who's your one?

Day 9

As a church we are each praying for the one over the next 30 days - the one we would love to profess faith in Christ.

Read the verse below and pray for your one...

Matt 5:16

Prayer for today

Father, give me the faith to obey You in all things, so ___________ can experience firsthand a life that has been transformed by Your Spirit. I pray for humility, so I will not merely do what is right to feel good about myself or in order to flaunt my morality in front of others. Give me wisdom to know how to leverage the obedience that You've called me to pursue in order to have opportunities to speak about why my life is different. Use the distinctive life Your Spirit produces in me and the good works You lead me to perform to cause ___________ to long for the hope, peace, joy and meaning that only comes to those who have experienced Your salvation.