The Gateway Church

in and around Kings Lynn, West Norfolk

January 26th

26th Jan, 2022 Day 26
Who's your one?

Day 10

As a church we are each praying for the one over the next 30 days - the one we would love to profess faith in Christ.

Read the verse below and pray for your one...

Rom 10:1-3

Prayer for today

Lord, I know it is possible for people to pursue meaningful things in this life in the vain hope that their zeal for what is perceived as good will somehow work to their eternal benefit. Far too often, those who are far from You assume things will work out in the end because they have been fairly good people in this life and given their time and energy to do what they consider good. Sadly, many are like those Paul prays for in this passage. They have zeal but lack knowledge of God's righteousness seen in Jesus Christ. Awaken ___________ to Your offer of salvation, and show the futility of anything other than You as a hope for eternal salvation.