Called to Influence

We want to invite you to a 7 week adventure to become a Kingdom influencer where God has placed you in your workplace. Over 7 Tuesday evening starting 25th May 7:30pm, we will be running the Called to Influence course. Called To Influence has been created by Karen Kircher from the King’s Arms in Bedford.

Each evening will consist of a video, group work and ministry – I have just completed it and have been so blessed, encouraged and challenged.

The cost is £16 to cover the workbook cost.

Only a small percentage of Christians are called to full time church ministry, but we are all instructed to, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19)

By radically changing the way you think about work and learning how to partner with God as you go about your daily activities you can experience greater job satisfaction as you bring Kingdom influence and transformation to those around you.

Wherever God has positioned you this is where you are called to influence.

  1. The Call to Influence: Why me?
  2. Where to Influence: Overcoming the secular and sacred divide and your area(s) of influence
  3. Who am I to influence? My identity as a child of God and ambassador for God’s Kingdom
  4. How to Influence: Military Manoeuvres. Partnering with Holy Spirit on covert and overt operations.
  5. How to Influence: Cultivate Healthy Relationships. The battle of the mind, our emotional intelligence and keeping emotionally healthy.
  6. How to Influence: Cultivate Kingdom Culture. What do we mean by culture? The culture of honour and how to shift atmospheres.
  7. Time to Influence: Review & commissioning

If you would like to join this amazing online course, please buy your “ticket” below so we can send you a workbook

Called to Influence

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