As you can see The Gateway Church is being birthed in the prophetic…

May 2006 East of England Regional Prayer meeting

Dan Morgan
There will be a man from the East, a far off land, a Baltic man of peace to reach the nations.

Tony Thompson
Kaleidoscope plant different colours called together to produce splendour

The town centre has been transformed in just a few years. Spiritually the same will happen and it will be visible to the nations, not just the area around.

Helicopter flying over the town. Hold on, I will show you the town to raise faith. There is gold in the north and the south has grain growing ready to reap.

October 2006 Cambridge Regional Prayer Meeting

Grantley Watkins
Many people and paths and prayer pointing to King’s Lynn. Many have gone before you. After riding the initial wave of 1st fruits, then 2nd fruits that you need an intercessory burden for. Prayer and fellowship meeting will be central, pivotal and the fulcrum.

Nigel Taylor
River Ouse not always fast flowing at the end of its course. But you will have pace the flow of God and momentum and weight, depositing wealth from upstream and a maturity of ministry that is greater than what has gone before.

Paul Thompson
River Ouse regularly breaks its banks but it is contained in King’s Lynn. God wants to break the banks and flood the presence of God that will combat a lack of expectation in a deprived town. Prepare the ground and sharpen the plough: it needs to go deep and long to break ground from previously spiritually impoverished centuries.

Adrian Horner
Be bold, be confident. Shout I am going, who will come? British busting boldness.
In a rowing boat use the tide to go much faster. You will arrive at the destination faster than you think. Mooring is tricky. Use the tide to slow you down and park well.

Tony Green
Go on have laugh! This is going to be fun. It will characterise Andy and the work. Ask the people who are on your heart.

Paul Thompson
Outbreak of creativity doing this differently, not for the sake of it but due to people who are part of the work: attached and released alongside Andy.

Andy McWilliam
Immigrant workers in the fields fruit pickers. The fields are ripe unto the harvest,they are the fruit for you to pick. Can see baskets of quality fruit.

Regional Leaders Meeting – Nov 2006

Julian Adams
In Jesus name, In Jesus name, Mmmm, Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord.
You know God really wants to, and has, and is releasing an apostolic edge on you. All right? And I feel like God saying to you it is going to be an apostolic edge with a difference. I see like an anointing, apostolic anointing of Peter on you. All right? And Peter was impulsive, Peter was all over the place. And Peter didn’t fit moulds. Peter was kind of at times, really, all over the place. And I see you all over the place. It’s like you run from meeting to meeting and place to place. And God saying I will give you encounters with me that will give you strategy of how to build wisely. I am going to give you times, when you will be found in my presence. Where you will be hungry for food, but you will be taken in a trance.

And God’s going to give you There is something of an anointing to mix Gentile and Jew, something of an anointing to gather different nations and put them together even as Peter did and God is really going to release that on you as an apostolic gift. All right? It’s going to be built into the foundations of your Church. All right?

And again, I am not quite sure if you are going to become an apostle, but what I see as an apostolic edginess and I see God releasing that into the foundations of your Church. I really feel God wants to encourage you. Son don’t be hasty but be patient in this next season. All right? Don’t be hasty to make things happen. Be patient. Because as you are patient, I am going to lay some very good foundations because I feel like God wants to give you an anointing for a big Church. All right. A Big Church. I feel like God wants to move past the 500 mark in this Church as you plant. I see God wanting to give you a sizeable percentage of the community as your inheritance. All right And God says to you, even as you plant this Church, you will be like Peter, able to connect different groups of people together, there’s going to be a sense of the supernatural about it, there’s going to be a sense of incredible anointing about it, okay, and I feel like part of the key that is really going to flow in your church is in the area of baptism in the Spirit. God is saying I want you to fight for that in incredible way. Get your people baptised in the Spirit, get the new converts encountering the Spirit. It should be as easy, you’re saved, so let’s pray for the baptism in the Spirit. There should be no separation and I see that whole area of the gifts of the Spirit.

I feel like there is another element to Peter’s ministry and I feel like for you, and I am going to say this, but I want you to hear my heart, Peter went through an incredible season of testing. I feel like God has been speaking to you about that recently. And you’ve been saying, I don’t know what shape or what’s going to happen, but God is saying I want you to trust me and in the testing you will come out as pure gold. And I feel even in your relationship with your wife, this next season is where you are going to need to stick together. There is going to be a real synergy in it, God is going to draw you close together, because it is almost like there has been a season of go, go, go but I am going to bring a rest in the testing but you are going to know my blessing. And I really feel like you are not to fear it, I am not going to bring that into it, it’s not like that. It is going to be a good season. Where God is going to bless you, but you are going to walk through some things, all right. It is going to be a milestone that will release you. Kind of like Jacob wrestling with the angel of the Lord. You will walk away limping, but you will walk away with great strength. And I feel like this Church plant, I feel like God is saying, I want you to build very slowly because it is going to be a big Church. Your time will be longer there than any other Church. As you build there, there is going to be incredible favour to begin to flow. I reminded of David. The Bible says that David’s army that he had men, from the tribe of Benjamin incidentally, and the Bible talks about the tribe of Benjamin who could use both their right hand and their left hand. They were ambidextrous and they had incredible accuracy with the sling. In fact The Bible says they could split a hair they were so accurate. I feel like God is going to give multi gifted ministries to come alongside of you that will be able to use both their hands they were so accurate. And the Bible talks about famous men in David’s army. And I feel like God is going to give you some key famous community members who are going to get saved and join your army and He’s going to provide profile for your Church. Provide an incredible bringing out into the open of your Church. And God says I want you to go with it, because it will be an incredible blessing. I just feel like, specifically I feel like God wants to bless you in the area of your finances. All right. I see you worrying in that area and God says I am going to bless you financially. There is going to be favour and an incredible season of anointing and you are not to be fearful it is not going to work out. God says, I do the balancing, not the banks. All right. And there is going to be incredible blessing and favour financially.

God loves your heart, he loves the fact you are kind of all over the place. It’s good, he loves the fact you are a bit like Peter, you know. He loves it.

You know the incredible thing about Peter, is that he was a herald of a new move of God. It’s on you brother, the herald of a new move of God. Now release fire in his bones. Get him. Get him Lord. Oooo Hallelujah

Keith Hazel
As I looked at his picture I felt that God showed me that he wants Andy to be a peacemaker. In my spirit I believe that there has been some controversy or division in the Christian Community in Kings Lynn and that one of the keys for Andy will be to be a peacemaker between some warring parties. It may even be that there is some lack of agreement in NF about going into Kings Lynn and that there needs to be a new harmony on the subject.

The success of the Church there is going to hinge on its being seen in the community as a catalyst for unity rather than supporting some older division there.

Woodside Jan 07

Andy Martin They used to build houses on poles in the Fens. I could see 6 foundational poles sunk deep in The Gateway. 4 of them are grace (but not just a standard grace talk), kingdom, spiritual authority and one new man. You will need apostolic and prophetic input to keep driving them in. Keep going back to the poles.

Are you prepared to be overwhelmed? There are lots and lots of lost to the Church Christians in King’s Lynn. Don’t fish with a rod and line, do it with a net. Use a big event to gather. Confound conventional planting wisdom.

Saw a room in an old building with grey flagstones and a group of people clearing it up with a sense of purpose.

Connie Gore
There is a collar placed around your neck by an angel. It will cause a spiritual burden on you for King’s Lynn, not a short term work. This is the mark of God upon you, you have a mandate for King’s Lynn. Lay foundations well, not in a hurry. The mark gives you access to spiritual provisions of financial and human resources. Saw a picture of a knight dressed riding on a horse with a huge lance on a cart. Not riding it, just sat on it. Know this just as I have brought you and encouraged you supernaturally, so you must continue. Do not be tempted to go in your own strength. Zechariah not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit.

Prayer Meeting Feb 07

Malcolm Ellis
Vision of Russian nationals coming to Christ and being discipled at King’s Lynn. Batches of timber arrive by ship at the dockside of the River Ouse. They are lifted off and stacked nearby ready for seasoning. Seasoning takes a little time but it will enable the timber to accept conversion into useful components. This timber is the best building timber in Europe, it comes from the Archangel region of Russia and is known to be tight grained, straight and sturdy. Through x-ray eyes I could see embryonic Christians to be in the timber as it stood by the river side, awaiting the processes that would release them. Once seasoning has taken place, the timber is converted into useful products, being checked at each stage for defects that need removing. Other batches of timber are transported inland mainly to the Ouse Valley area. This speaks to me of the blessings that God will heap on The Bridge Church as we give of our best.

Milton Keynes February 2007

Amanda Gregg
I saw candy floss. The three of you (Andy Moyle, Andy & Jenny King) as the stick and sugar and others get attracted and stick!

Karyn Romeis
Food is going to gave a part to play, including borscht.

Helen Wightman
Paul entered Macedonia because of negative guidance and vision. I felt that you should expect more positive vision. Also there was a lot of power in changed lives and particularly some women. Women, power and positive guidance.

Steve Murrill
A gate is to protect the walls. There are people coming in looking for safety, for a door that is safe and open.

King’s Lynn Prayer Morning March 2007

Kathy Bowers
I can see and elastic stretching almost to breaking point and then you lean into it. God will make it hold

Alan Bowers
You will not be strained beyond what you can bear. God is building character and see how far you have come!

Dan Morgan
Stretched with the workmanship of God. You can be stretched because of God’s workmanship and what he has in mind to do. Be a bit more bloody minded!

John Sutton
The river has a fight between the tide and the downflow. The river is a river of life from the throne, always in the same direction. There is opposition! But God’s Spirit is always flowing.

Prayer Meeting May 2007

Anna Collinson
I see a bowl of still, boring, stagnant cream. All of a sudden a whisk with many spokes, enters the motionless liquid and begins whipping the cream. At first there atre only ripples but the momentum builds and soon all the cream is being whisked, not one drop of cream is left untouched by the whisk. The cream is transformed into thick, stiff, peaked cream. The result: a chemically changed bowl of cream that will never return to its pre-whisked state. The bowl of cream represents King’s Lynn in its present stagnant, still, unaffected state. The whisk represents The Gateway Church and all the spokes are the different ministries and people that will impact King’s Lynn. These spokes are undeniable entwined with The Gateway Church, a tool powered and controlled by the Lord. The impact The Gateway Church will have on King’s Lynn will be catastrophic, permanent and irreversible. Lives will be changed, communities transformed and hearts won for Jesus. The change will be so huge, the “pre-Gateway” King’s Lynn will be unrecognisable. Praise God.

Regional Leaders meeting 21st June 2007

Tim Green
Be prepared for the unpredictable winds of God, like the kits buggies on the beaches of Norfolk. Some surprising moves of God and stories will come out of King’s Lynn

Regional Leaders Meeting 19th July 2007

Hi Andy!
Herewith summary of the word I brought today. Acts 17 v 16,17
* Paul was “distressed” or “his spirit was stirred within him” – you similarly are stirred by the plight of those in Kings Lynn.
* Paul engaged with people in the market place daily.
* As you move about Kings Lynn and see the need on people’s faces, follow the stirrings of the Spirit and engage people in conversation.
* This will take “courage” but God will reward your boldness.
Acts 19 v 9,10
* Paul publically debated/taught in public place for two years.
* You must be very active in the public scene for a season.
Acts 20 v 17-21
* Paul taught publically and from house to house.
* Again the importance of public presence.
* Key to reaching Russians and other nationalities is to visit their homes/have them in your home.
Remember too that God dismantled the Berlin Wall, Communism and the Bamboo curtain and is currently dealing with the power of Islam. He is a breakthrough God and will give you victory!

Much love
Mike Frisby

I saw the Gateway Kings Lynn and was struck by how long it had been there. It was built in the era of horses and carts and now takes cars and lorries. Felt God say that The Gateway Church was to build for the long term. This is going to be a church that lasts. Build it strong so that it lasts long. Do not rush the foundations but built strong.
Gateway Church is to be a gateway to the nations, but the Gateway is also a distinctive feature of the town. Many people pass through it to enter the town. God is going to give you profile that will belie your size. You will become well known very quickly, so that the entire town knows about you. Many people will pass through your Gateway, not into the town, but into the Kingdom.
Phil Dowling

Norfolk 4 the Nations meeting, summer 2007

Jeremy Hazzell
The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon you because He has anointed you. You can preach the good news to the poor. I believe that the Lord says that there's actually going to be a real segment of the population that is needy that God is going to allow you to break forth into. I think that you have a real heart for those in need and there is something in you that says how, how can we reach even those people who are scraping the bottom of society. Even especially those who through no fault of their own find themselves in places of difficulty and poverty when it is not their fault. There has been something in your heart that has cried out for those.

Even though you have known this is a difficult thing to do, this is a costly thing to do. There has been a vision for reaching into that community and I believe that there is some creative ideas that are coming to reach into those places. There are some creative things that you can take, social action initiatives and I know that those things cost money and I know that they are.. right now you have got limited resources but the Lord says that quite a passion of your church is to reach those communities. And God is going to connect you with some funding and I felt that you actually needed to have some chats with Richard from Sheringham, because he has been enabled to get those things lined up, just get some ideas from him where to go. This is not going to happen tomorrow, but when the time comes I believe God says that he has put a resource there for you, to say how do we go about doing this?

I share with Maurice, because as we were communicating about 3 weeks before I came. Actually God really burned on my heart with King’s Lynn and I’ve been praying into it and praying about it and I feel that God has brought you for a significant moment and not to doubt it. There has been some doubts, God what am I doing? I’m leaving something that is established and I am coming out here to do something that is radical, in a good sense, radical.

But God says that there is a sense where He wants to affirm your destiny in that place and affirm the fact that He has called you and I believe that God says He is even making a way for your family. There are even some relationships that are already in place for some reason for your family and that has been a concern for you and I think that has been on your heart. “Lord I don’t want to rip my family away, some of the relationships, friendships that they have.”, because there are some real key people in that, you are not going to loose relationships, but God is going to add to those and she has made away for those people., I think that there is going to be a quick settling in period for you and God wants to encourage you. The other thing that I felt about King’s Lynn is I didn’t know what a Lynn was. I thought it was just a girl’s name, but it is actually a Celtic word which means a pool gathered together and I just felt that God says there was a gathering together of resources that was going to come to King’s Lynn and it will be a place where God gathers resources, pools for helping to reach into the rest of the region and I thing last time we were here we talked about going around the bottom of Lincoln and up into the northern part of it and I believe that part of what is going to happen in King’s Lynn is that it will be a place where resources are pooled for the push and God is going to help bring them along, but God is going to give you that as a vision so that you don’t get focused on what is there. God wants to say that you haven’t got settled yet and God is already starting to give you a look over the next horizon and just to confirm and affirm that in your heart so that you know that it is God. I believe that there is real destiny in what you are doing. The next thing that I felt is to lay my hand on your hands and coming back to that whole thing of the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord being upon you and there is anointing that God is bringing on you for the supernatural. Do supernatural ministry and I believe that supernatural ministry is going to be key into breaking into some of those communities. The key. Actually the key to breaking upon some of these Eastern Europeans. Many of them, especially the Polish. I believe that there are some people who are Polish in that area that God is going to allow you to break into, They have known a form of godliness without the power. And the Lord just wanted to demonstrate something that is break some of the strongholds that are in those places. The same thing with the Russians – they have had that orthodox thing. The orthodox Church has mixed itself with the ancient Shamanism in the area and the Lord says that He is going to break that and there are actually going to be some power encounters that you are going to have. Some voices that will rise up against you, some words against you and even some people who will try to throw curses at you and the Lord just says He will come to put a level of spiritual Teflon on you and everything that gets thrown on you is not going to stick and it will confound and accuse the,. And the Lord just wants to come and say that this is the protection that God has put around you to know you can walk into those places and you can boldly declare the Word of the Lord. You can boldly step out and make statements of faith. In facts you are going to make some statements of faith and you are going to say to yourself “O Lord what have I just said?” and God is going to say “I got you”. Now you are in a place where it is only me that can do this and get you out of this! And God is going to get you out of that place and show himself to be faithful and I believe that it is going to be the breaking point even for people in that community. So the Lord even comes today to increase your faith and even to release a greater sense of destiny in you because there is an affirmation of all that God even spoke into your heart.

Grantley Watkins
Supernatural anointing for Kingdom activities, not just on you, but it is on your wife as well. I just feel there’s a new partnership coming. This move is bringing about a new partnership of you and your wife in supernatural activities and what’s more it’s like a family of others under you who really feel their primary anointing and calling is of a supernatural nature. They are going to have gifts of healing and faith and working of spiritual wonders and I see like a little housegroup that is devoted to it. It affects the Church, but there will be a particular anointing of Kingdom miracles on earth and you will father them in it. You and your wife. They need a father and a mother. They need to be mothered in it and fathered in it. Therefore you will do this together. A small band of them. What I see is that the activity realm is not in meetings, it is in normal life. And the stories that you and your wife will be telling will rarely be of a meeting. It will just be these people in their normal living. It will be men and women and feel like a family of people, a housegroup or cell that just breaks through and then the whole Church will function in it perhaps at a lower level, but because of the breakthrough group who prepare the way and then the others just come in. The whole Church is known for it but there is those with a special anointing that makes it possible.

Keith Hazell 12th October 2008 – Regional Celebration in King’s Lynn

I saw by the Holy Spirit that there is like water, there is like a wave that’s gathering. I see a gathering wave. It’s like the wind has got under it and it is gathering. And the Lord says that from where you to stand on the beach it looks not much more than like a ripple. But from where he stands, it is a wave that is beginning to flow. It is a wave that is going to being to flow onto this church into this church and God says that the cry of the heart of the people of this church has gone up to Heaven and has been heard. The Lord says that there is coming a time of the Holy Spirit in this church which requires you to prepare, which requires you to get ready. The scriptures say that Jesus said to the disciples “I want you to go up into the upper room and prepare a meal because I am going to eat with you” and God says there is a time of preparation for the church. God says don’t just look at the wave. Get ready for the wave. Don’t just say a wave is coming. Prepare for the wave. The Lord says that there will be an ingathering in this place that will cause you to be so busy that if you haven’t prepared you will be swamped and overwhelmed. The Lord says: Don’t try and make the wave happen. Don’t try to drag the wave along. Just get in the wave as it comes. Allow the Holy Spirit to do this. There is going to be an outflow of evangelism into this community, says the Lord. I am going to stir up the gift of God that is in some of you. There is some of you that have never done anything for God and never heard anything from God and sometimes don’t know whether God knows about you. I declare to you tonight that God is going to release you into active work in the kingdom of God. The work of the kingdom here is going to increase, says the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on you.

Markus Adolfsson

There will many colours in this place. People from many nations. Saying “Praise the Lord” in many languages. You may be thinking there aren’t many colours in King’s Lynn. God will carve them out of rock and build something beautiful in this place.

Anthony Cooney 24/11/11

Hi Andy, just wanted you to know that I’ve been praying for you this morning. I got a real sense that Father would have you know that He is well pleased with you. What you are experiencing at the moment is birth pains. The day is soon approaching when many sons and daughters will be give to you. I saw the Gateway into Kings Lynn and standing on top of it were many watch men you are not alone there are many praying into what God is doing in and through the Gateway Church. Stick with it and in His timing you will reap a harvest. Every Blessing Anthony 1chr29v9-11 Num 23v19

Sarah Vonk Jan 2013

I had a dream was of the KLA venue, while we were still in the Gaywood community school. Janet was on welcome or at least by the door. The glory of God filled the venue and as the door opened it released on the streets. The next thing I saw were people coming into the church, a little bemused and overwhelmed but caught up with the glory. There weren’t quite sure what was happening only that there was this presence calling them in. It wasn’t ones and twos, it was many people. The only other thing I remember about the dream was the venue being full. People were on their knees or worshipping. The presence of God was over them like a tangible fog. I heard the words revival is coming!

David Blacklock Feb 2015

During the night of 28th Feb I had a dream.Andy Moyle and I were looking into a field of potatoes when the Lord said “Dig some up”. So Andy and I started digging up potatoes which were deep down, covered in soil and needed washing. It was a good crop, it would feed many.
In prayer I asked the Lord for the interpretation.
It is time for harvesting a new crop of believers. They will need cleansing, before they can become food for a new generation of starving masses. Some of the new believers will become seed potatoes planted in new soil, while others will become feed for this hungry generation.

David Taylor Sept 2018

As I looked around God was showing me things from the past, things that we have not used or felt there was no purpose in using. But God is saying,

You are coming into a season of growth and I will remind and draw to the fore in your minds and spirit, things I have done in your past, things that have been laid aside, things you have forgotten about or things you think are no longer practical and I am going to remind you through my word, my prophetic word and the actions I have done in your lives and I will stir them up again, because everything I have done in you in the past is for your future.

David Rawlings Dec 2018

I want to prophecy, prophecy over this  year. I want to declare that this is a year where we will take enemy ground. Where we will stand up as sons of God. That the Father is going to pour out revelation in this House, and we are going to see the cross in a new way, we are going to see the liberty of the sons of God in a new way. That Christ has given us as a church in a new way. We are not going to stand for darkness any longer. Because Jesus is the light of the world and He has made us light of the world. We are going to let our light shine in this town and people are going to come to the light. In numbers. And it is going to be easy. Because it is not us that does the work, it is the Spirit within us.

So thank you Jesus for a victorious 2019

A 2019 where darkness flees, it comes us one way and flees from us in 7 directions

Let the Lion Roar 2023

Marshall Schaitel
Crocodile Dundee line – that’s not a knife, this is a knife. NEw gifting and anointing is coming.

Ministry time words
Words of knowledge to break cultural yokes over people and nations.
Andy keep your passport up to date
Big not small
There’s a Ukrainian you are working with who will end up being your translator as you go to Ukrainian soil.
God is unsettling people elsewhere, to come – call them, call the workers to help