International Cafe

The Gateway iCaf has started at 99c High Street in King's Lynn.

Every term-time Tuesday 10am the iCaf is a safe and welcoming place. Come and enjoy coffee and cake and learn some conversational English. We welcome refugees, migrants and asylum seekers and help them settle, make friends and learn English.

The iCaf is staffed by a qualified TEFL teacher and volunteers who will help with befriending and hospitality.

We are between “Jaynes Gift Shop” and “Escape” on the high street in King’s Lynn. There’s a sign outside on Tuesdays while the iCaf is running!

News items about the iCaf

  • Turkish coffee and learning to buy and sell

    Turkish coffee and learning to buy and sell

    Our Gateway iCaf on Tuesday mornings gathers internationals in a safe and welcoming place to make friends and learn conversational English. We gather Ukrainian refugees and Turkish mostly. Last week our Turkish ladies demonstrated their coffee and sweets, and then we taught on buying and selling in particular buying second hand items from websites like…

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  • Air travel lesson

    Air travel lesson

    This week’s iCaf focussed on the process of getting through the airport and on to an airplane! We brainstormed the steps, learning new vocabulary along the way. Then we listened to some dialogue at security and tried to recreate it from printed out strips – that was pretty hard for most! We often finish with…

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  • Turkish morning

    Turkish morning

    This morning’s iCaf was blessed by our Turkish friends bring some delicious Turkish food. We then did a lesson on country names, and their people’s adjectives and nouns. In the afternoon we carried on our Ukrainian Alpha course!

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  • iCaf and English Lessons

    iCaf and English Lessons

    The Gateway iCaf started up again this morning after a summer break. Today it was Ukrainians that came for coffee, cake and chat and a fun English lesson. I taught on reflexive pronouns today – myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves and themselves. The kids helped make paper airplanes “themselves” too! The iCaf is our…

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  • Today’s iCaf

    Today’s iCaf

    Today’s iCaf was such a joy! We welcomed new refugees and a returning one who gave me some Ukrainian sweets. One of the husbands was over for a visit – the condition of which is returning with medical supplies (so after the iCaf I ended up ordering 42 combat tourniquets to save lives as a…

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  • International Food Evening

    International Food Evening

    On Saturday we had another international food evening organised by The Gateway Church and iCaf. People from twelve nations turned up with an amazing array of food. We then enjoyed some songs performed by Africans, Irish and Ukrainians as well as a belly dance.

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  • Sandringham Trip

    Sandringham Trip

    We took 32 Ukrainian refugees to Sandringham house and gardens today. It was lovely to walk round the beautiful gardens and then be guided round the house with great insights from the staff, ably transated by some of our confident English speakers!

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  • Borscht


    This week at our iCaf, we had a cooking demonstration for Ukraine’s national dish – Borscht soup. As Luda, Marta and others made the soup, I taught some cooking verbs and nouns, before we tucked into to amazing bowls of soup and black bread with lard and garlic! Cooking and eating something so precious to…

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  • Such an encouraging first iCaf

    Such an encouraging first iCaf

    The Gateway iCaf started this morning with guests from two nations – Latvia and the Ukraine. The first person to arrive was a refugee with no English whatsoever so it was a baptism of fire! Then others came with different levels of English from beginner to elementary and some with their UK sponsors. We enjoyed…

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