The Gateway Church

in and around Kings Lynn, West Norfolk

Sundays July- Aug 2021

Legal restrictions have been relaxed, even as Covid cases are again rising rapidly.

In any group of people there will be a variety of views on what to do and a variety of risks to face. For one in three of us, we may not even be aware of a Covid-19 infection. For others, catching it will be life threatening due to other medical factors. And still others (around 10%) an infection can lead to long-covid.

As followers of Christ, we hold the Bible as our final authority, filled with faith and not fear. Our understanding and obedience to God’s loving Word guides what we will do…

In two passages (Romans 14:1-21 and 1 Cor 8) Paul deals with how to handle issues that believers can differ on. The specific issue in the passages is meat that has been sacrificed to idols (in modern day terms think halal kebabs!) – I’ve written in more detail on the issue here and here. In summary, the application principle is about preferring one another and not harming “weaker” brothers or sisters.

In the book of Galatians, Paul argues very strongly that grace gives us freedom from the law. At the end of the letter in chapter 5, he then goes on to urge us to use our freedom wisely and to serve one another in love. More on that here.

So as a church, we want to enjoy new freedoms in a way that will serve one another in love and not cause our weaker brothers and sisters to stumble or die.

So how will that work out for now on Sundays?

·  No need to pre-book your seating, please just come!

·  We are arranging the seating in rows of 4 or 5 with a 1m distance between the rows.

·  The fans and doors will be open providing good air flow and ventilation.

·  Do sing and express your worship to your heart’s desire.

·  We have pre-packaged communion materials

·  There will be kids work during the sermon

·  For the time being, please wear a mask inside as much as possible, to serve one another.

For some the last 16 months have felt isolated and others will have got used to online forms of church, which will continue. There is something very special about gathering together to encounter God that is deeper than on our own on a screen, so do connect with the church family in person if you can.