• The Gateway Church gathers together on Sunday mornings at 10am at King’s Lynn Academy, Queen Mary Road, Kings Lynn, PE30 4QG.

We worship God with contemporary songs, prayer and contributions of prayer, Bibe reading and prophecy from the congregation.
There is relevant life-changing teaching from the Bible and prayer for those who want ministry. You can check out our podcast or listen to our sermons online below.

Kids between 0-4 enjoy “Livewires” and primary school age children will have a great time during the talk at “Explorers”. Teens have their own teaching time too.

Afterwards stick around for a cup of tea or real coffee and get to know some of us!

Please do scroll down for a map of how to find us

Rota for Sunday Service on Sunday at 10:00 am Main Venue

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Jobs1st Apr, 20188th Apr, 201815th Apr, 201822nd Apr, 2018
VanAndy Moyle
SetupKathleen Blacklock, David BlacklockSwapnil Pardeshi, Pranalini Pardeshi, Mike Ikwuagwu, Debs IkwuagwuHannah Woods, Martin Woods, Mark Peart, Jo PeartVicky Juby, Pete Juby
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PreacherAndy MoyleAndy MoyleKees VonkDavid Rawlings
Sermon TitleEasterChristianity is not a cleverly deigned myth - 2 Peter 1:16-21How to spot a false teacher - 2 Peter 2:1-3Rescue and wrath - 2 Peter 2:4-10
CateringKay Taylor, Amie LymerNick Shaw, Pat AmosJane Tompkins, Hannah WoodsKay Taylor, Nick Shaw
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