The Gateway Church

in and around Kings Lynn, West Norfolk

Going Deeper

Do you want to go deeper in your faith? In your knowing Jesus? In understanding the Bible?

We love the Word and the Spirit and want to raise up big people in God. This Autumn we are kicking of Going Deeper on Second Sundays 6:30pm at 99c High Street.

Topics will include

    • The Bible
    • The mission of God
    • Old Testament timeline and Torah
    • Old Testament prophets
    • Finding Jesus in the Old Testament
    • Genesis
    • How to read the Bible for all its worth
    • Isaiah
    • New Testament – the Gospels and Acts
    • New Testament – the letters
    • Ephesians
    • The Triune God
    • Man – fall and grace
    • The Church
    • The Fatherhood of God
    • The Spirit
    • Revelation
    • The Kingdom and the future
    • Israel and the Church
    • Church History
    • Spiritual gifts and ministries

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