Our mission is clear from Andy’s initial call to plant a church in King's Lynn

God has called us to be a Gateway for the Gospel to go to the nations

To do that…

We gather in the presence of God, to grow as passionate followers of Christ and go to locally and globally on mission.




We gather together in the presence of God




To grow as passionate followers of Jesus Christ




To go locally and globally on mission


Our values are our culture, the way we do things.

God focused

Passionately pursuing God is part of our vision statement, but it is also part of our values. Everything we do has God at the centre and flows out of relationship with Him. What we do comes out of God's heart.


We don't want to be a church with a prayer meeting, we want to be a praying church. Prayer flows from being God focussed and is where we get to know God's heart and empowerment for what we do.

International Flavour

We are a gateway for the gospel to go to the nations and are passionate for one new man in Christ. The gospel has torn down the dividing wall between Jew and Gentile – and so we value having an international flavour – so for instance, that means you will often hear whispered translation during a Sunday sermon.


With some many people from so many nations, far from natural families, we value the church as family highly, looking out for one another , weeping with those that weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice.


Team flows out of being a family. We value team, together everyone achieves more. We are not interested in a front led one man band! So we value contributions during gatherings, starting songs from the congregation. We want every ministry to be team based rather than individual.


Heaven is going to start with a feast! Jesus did a lot of his ministry over food and we do too! Hebrews 13:1-2 tells us to balance “philadelphia” love of the brothers with “Philoxenia” love of the stranger (translated as hospitality) – we love to share food with one another and non Christian friends to love them into God's family.

Developing people

We love to see people developed, more than a professional show. We strive for excellence, but the bar for ministry is set so people can get involved and grow.

Outward looking

We are not an inwardly looking bunch holding on for a rapture of the remnant! Jesus will return for a glorious bride, spotless and pure, so everything we do is outward looking. Life groups are outward looking, Sundays have a gospel element most weeks, the international café is reaching out to migrant workers with the Gospel…

Culture of Honour

Honour is purposefully seeing people the way God sees them and relating to them out of that. Romans 12:10 tells us to “be devoted to one another, in love honour one another above yourselves”. That's quite a counter-cultural challenge! We are passionate about honouring one another – so we don't tolerate backbiting or gossip and prefer to be encouraging and honouring about others, especially when they are not present.
Inevitably we can offend others or take offence. Jesus teaches us in Matt 5 and Matt 18 that whoever is at fault, whether we have been offended, or have offended someone else, we are responsible to go and bring about reconciliation the moment we know of the offence. No pity party, phone a friend, go – with a mediator if necessary, but go. We value go and sorting out offences quickly. We don't value gossip at all, so if you come to a leader (or a member) with an issue with a third party, you will most likely be stopped mid sentence and asked to go and see them and if would you like us to come with you if don't!