“A church that doesn’t pray doesn’t hope for anything greater than what it can produce apart from God.” John Lanfferman
We love praying! Christianity is a relationship with Jesus and so prayer is a vital part of that. When we pray together, we expect to meet with God, hear from Him and ask Him to move his hand. We don’t do boring prayer meetings! We have lots of different opportunities to pray within the church as we aim to be a praying church and not just a church with a prayer meeting

Firstly please use our church app – we send out prayer requests regularly on that – or you can receive them by email too, just get in touch and we will add you to the prayer chain.

We have fortnightly prayer groups on Monday lunchtime, Friday and Saturday mornings

Here are the dates of the different prayer groups, do come to any of them you can!

Mondays 1-2pm
At 99c High St
Fridays 10:30-12
At 12 Priory Rd, North Wootton
Saturdays 8-9am
At 99c High St

We are also now praying on Sunday mornings before the main meeting, from 9.30 – 9.45 in the dining hall, specifically for God’s manifest blessing in both meetings.