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Eleven truths

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24th May, 2018 Day 144

John 14:1-31

ESV audio

Eleven truths

Almost every sentence in this passage has a depth of truth and revelation that is mind blowing.

Here are 11 power packed truths from today’s reading:

1) There’s a room for you (v.1). Don’t be anxious, because Jesus has go-ahead to prepare the rooms for us. The Father’s house refers to heaven and the rooms, our dwellings there. He will come back to get us. Again eternal security for the believer. He will come and get you.

2) How do we get there? (v.1-4) By believing in Jesus. Simple stuff.

3) The way, the truth and the life (v.6). Other religious figures pointed outside of themselves; Jesus points to himself. ‘I AM’ – one of the seven ‘I AM’ sayings with the double edge of what comes next (the way, the truth and the life) and God’s self-descriptive name ‘I AM’. Jesus is the way. Follow him for direction. He is the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He is the life – He came that we might have abundant life and life to the full.

4) The only way (v.6). Jesus is the only way to God. “No one comes to the Father except through me.” All other religions are a DO plan. A list of things we must DO to earn God’s favour. And they are all doomed to failure, doomed I tell you! Because they don’t DO enough, can’t guarantee that we can DO enough. Christianity, Christ’s way, is DONE. It’s all about what Christ has done on our behalf to make us one with God again.

5) To see Jesus is to see the Father (v.9). If we want to know what God is like, we look at Jesus. He is God in the flesh.

6) Greater works (v.12) – once Jesus had ascended, his followers got to do greater works as in quantity rather than quality. We get to be part of God’s greater works. We get to see people saved, see people healed, see people delivered and raised from the dead. Bring it on!

7) Love leads to obedience (v.15). If you love God, you will obey Jesus and what he has commanded us to do.

8) The Spirit is our Helper (v.16). The Greek word is parakletos and can mean comforter, helper and counsellor. He will help you live a godly and holy life. He will comfort you when life is at its darkest. He is a fantastic counsellor. I’ve taken to asking the Spirit to reveal the lie people are believing when I work pastorally with people. The Spirit is fantastic at it – he does show people and set them free!

9) No longer orphans (v.18). One of the biggest revelations of Christianity is understanding we have been adopted by the Father. Adam’s original sin brought us into an orphan mind-set – always scrabbling for things and never resting in the favour of knowing you’re God’s son or daughter. Growing in Christ is a lot about growing in the revelation of your sonship. Jack Frost’s (yes I know!) brilliant book Spiritual slavery to sonship is so, so helpful.

10) The Spirit teaches us (v.26). The Spirit came to the 12 to bring to remembrance all that Jesus taught. The two on the Emmaus Road got the best Old Testament Bible study ever and the Spirit helped them remember it and pass it on. The Spirit will teach you too.

11) Peace (v.27). I finish with peace, because it is the one thing that many lack. Jesus gives us peace. Peace with God, knowing that our relationship with God is firmly established in sonship. And peace that transcends all understanding in the midst of dark, dark circumstances (Phil 4:7).

Have a great day with those 11 truths!




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