Abundant life

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17th May, 2018 Day 137

John 9:Array

Abundant life

The statement “For judgement I came into this world” is perplexing as it seems to directly contradict John 3:17, “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn.” No! He came primarily to save sinners in this lost and fallen world. But His coming results in both salvation and judgement. His light shines in darkness and evokes a response. Those that welcome it find salvation and those who reject Him stay in the darkness and judgement to come. The Pharisees realise which side they are on!

Jesus carries on teaching, now bringing in some common imagery to an agricultural culture – He is the shepherd. The imagery is of a sheep enclosure where sheep are brought in by the shepherds at night, safe from harm. True shepherds go past the watchman at the gate. False shepherds and robbers try to climb over the fence. This is taken from Ezekiel 34:1-31 which was an indictment of false shepherds of God’s people.

The True Shepherd v. 1-15:

  • Is appointed by the Father in contrast to the self-appointed false shepherds;
  • The sheep respond, listening to His voice – notice they hear God – being prophetic is part of our inheritance (Acts2);
  • Jesus calls His sheep by name – He knows you individually, loves you individually and values you individually;
  • He gives direction to the sheep;
  • He elicits obedience.

Jesus brings blessings…

  • He brings us to pasture – a safe place to be nourished and fed;
  • Blessings of salvation and abundant life, v. 10.

This all comes because He laid down His life for us, v. 18.

Lastly, verse 16 indicates that there are sheep outside the flock of Israel – The good news is for us Gentiles too!

All this brings the same reaction in verse 19 – those that think Jesus is nuts or demonised and those who are beginning to believe. Make sure you make the right choice!

Andy Moyle