Be intoxicated

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25th May, 2020 Day 146

Prov 5

A stern warning from Solomon today about adultery. When it comes to sexuality – we can get in a mess pretty quickly. Solomon writing as a man is warning against the adultress, but of course it works with either sex. Watch out their words may drip honey – giving fresh attention where perhaps conversation has gone stale. But in the end they will be bitter and cut to the heart even death.

How do we stay safe from sexual sin, that affects spirit, mind and body in ways other sins don’t always reach?

  1. Stay close to God’s word v7
  2. Don’t even go there v8. I remember Steve Chalke speaking to our gap Year group predicting that 1 in 3 will fail in sexual sin. All sin is bad, but sexual sin definitely takes two to tango and can reap devastation not just for partner but children and grandchildren too. Steve told the story of an old lady recruiting a new chauffeur. She lived at the top of a steep mountain pass and asked each candidate how  close to the edge they could drive safely at speed. The first one boasted 6 inches – he didn’t get the job. The next one boasted a foot – he didn’t get the job. The third said Ma’am I don’t want to drive any where near the edge. I will stick to  the mountain side. As Solomon put it “Keep your way far from her.” Keep away from temptation – as Paul exhorted Timothy “Flee the evil desires of youth”, which are the same as middle and old age!
  3. Rehearse the consequences of messing up sexually. v9-14. There is much to lose. The trust of a partner if you have one. The respect of your children. Your home.
  4. If you are in a married relationship – be intoxicated with your partner. Pursue them, be romantic and have lots of sex. I always chuckle at these verses, what is your own cistern? or your spring? Delighting in my wife’s breasts and so on.

If you are single and reading this, the temptations and avoiding them are the same, although you don’t have point 4 for now. Married or not there is an exhortation to have a teacher/instructor you listen to v13-14 someone you are accountable to to keep from falling into sexual sin. Praise God he is full of grace and forgiveness.