Cheerful giver

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7th Sep, 2018 Day 250

2Cor 9:Array

The Apostle Paul brings this section on giving to a climax with 3 principles:

  1. You reap what you sow
  2. God loves a cheerful giver
  3. You will be enriched in every way, to give generously, which will produce thanksgiving.

We’ve been challenged to excel in the grace of giving; that generosity is a proof of the genuineness of our love for God. Now we find the principle of sowing and reaping at play. We reap what we sow. With the abundance of our generosity we reap.

God loves a cheerful giver – he loves it when we decide what to give and do it with generous hearts and cheerfulness.

There’s a beautiful circle at work here – generosity supplies needs, which results in thanksgiving, which results in glorify God. The recipients then pray for the givers. So it all ends up with thanksgiving to our generous God who gives to us in the first place.

Andy Moyle