The Gateway Church

in and around Kings Lynn, West Norfolk

February 4th

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4th Feb, 2022 Day 35

Today’s reading is from Mark 10:46-52

Who's your one?

Day 19

As a church we are each praying for the one over the next 30 days - the one we would love to profess faith in Christ.

Read the verse below and pray for your one...

Matt 9:1-2

Prayer for today

Father, the Bible tells many stories of unnamed men and women who brought their friends to Jesus. I long to bring ___________ to You as well. Like the paralytic in this story, I know You are capable of doing far more than merely addressing their external needs. You know their heart, and You are the only One who is able to forgive their sins. ___________ may not even sense their need for forgiveness at this time, but I understand all people are dead in their sins and are hopeless and helpless apart from the forgiveness You offer. As I strive to bring ___________ to You, do what only You are capable of doing and save them.



Andy planted the Gateway Church in Sept 2007. He and Janet love to gather different nations together to grow in Christ while eating good food! He also helps to shape and serve a couple of Relational Mission's church plants in mainland Europe. Andy and Janet run regularly, largely to offset the hospitality eating! He also runs a popular WordPress plugin Church Admin