God needs you the way you are

3rd Jan, 2019 Day 3

Matt 2:19-3:17

This portion of the Bible seems to be a very important part in the history of mankind. If we pay careful attention to every Scripture, we will understand what a thrilling story it is and how our GOD has perfect timing.

While there was good news that the Saviour of the world was born, there was great havoc in Herod’s palace. Jerusalem was filled with the agony of thousands of mothers who lost their innocent babies in the plan to kill the Saviour of the world. But GOD in HIS supreme power worked out everything so well.

Joseph seemed to be quite nervous and reluctant from the beginning, but GOD finally warned HIM. There is lot of attention given to Mary, which she definitely deserves, but we cannot ignore the fact that in spite of humungous pressure on Joseph “he chose to fear the unseen GOD over the seen cruel King”.

Let’s put ourselves in the place of Joseph. What kind of choice will we make today? We all have a fear of something on this earth but we also have to make a choice – whether I will give in to the fear I have or choose to fear the unseen GOD so HE can use me for HIS plan. On the other hand John the Baptist was bold, blunt and radical in nature. GOD used him to introduce The Messiah of the World.

However our nature is – nervous, timid, like Joseph or bold and daring like John – please do not regret or feel ashamed about it. Because GOD in HIS perfect ability will use you the way you are.

The only condition is that we choose the fear of GOD over the fear of this world.

Finally the question that tickled my mind is – What actually made the Heavenly FATHER so pleased with JESUS even though there is no account, at this time, of HIS doing any preaching, teaching and miracles! Here is what I have found – GOD is not really pleased in our achievements and success but HE is well pleased when we obey HIM!

May GOD grant us the wisdom and understanding to let HIM use us the way we are and condition our hearts to obey HIM.

In JESUS name, Amen…

Swapnil Pardeshi

Posted by: Andy Moyle
On: 3rd Jan, 2019 at 5:59 am

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