The Gateway Church

in and around Kings Lynn, West Norfolk

January 22nd

22nd Jan, 2022 Day 22
Who's your one?

Day 6

As a church we are each praying for the one over the next 30 days - the one we would love to profess faith in Christ.

Read the verse below and pray for your one...

2 Cor 4:4-6

Prayer for today

Lord, cause the light of Your glory to shine in the life of ___________. I know the clearest reflection of that glory is seen in Jesus Christ. Help ___________ see Jesus clearly. For this to happen, I ask for boldness to speak of Jesus and help them understand who Jesus is and what He came to do. Bring to my mind Scripture and stories of Jesus that will help me talk about Him in a way that puts Your glory on display. Remove the blinders Satan has created to blind them to the beauty of Jesus. Use other people and circumstances to cause ___________ to consider the truth of Jesus. I trust that You will cause light to shine into their darkness as a result.



Retired minister.