Practice who you are

2nd Dec, 2018 Day 336

1 John 2:38-3:10

The perfect practice

Johns turns his attention to the lifestyle of a believer. In a number of different ways he is telling us to live out who we are. The message of the gospel of grace is that we were sinners who couldn’t live holy lives no matter how hard we tried. Jesus died for us and rose again and as we trust in Him, His grace declares us righteous. That’s who we are – saints, holy ones, the righteous. We just have to live like it!

In v.28, John exhorts us to abide in Christ, so we won’t be put to shame. In the book of James we were exhorted to submit to God and the devil will flee. John tells us similarly to abide, to be in God’s presence, enjoy Him and that will give us confidence that shame has gone. Hallelujah!

Next we are reminded that the Father’s love has made us children of God. We have been picked and chosen to be adopted. Children of God – that’s who we are! So live like it.

Now – we are children of God. When Jesus comes back – we will be fully like Him. In the interim, practice living like a child of the King!

If we practice sinning instead, we are showing we are more on the other team. Practicing sin and not being interested in becoming more holy, is evidence that you are not a child of God, but a child of the devil. Stern words. Holiness is a serious business.

So enjoy being a child of God!

Andy Moyle


Posted by: Andy Moyle
On: 2nd Dec, 2018 at 5:59 am

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