The death of Moses

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22nd Feb, 2020 Day 53

Deuteronomy 34

ESV audio

Servant hearted leadership


The Land

The Lord took Moses up a mountain and showed him the Promised Land. It must have been a bitter sweet moment for Moses – he’d missed it due to sin, but at least he gotto see it physically. Many of the other Hebrews 11 heroes of faith only saw spiritually, what the Lord showed them to go for, dying without seeing the promise fulfilled. Moses got see the possession of the Land, even though he didn’t get to possess it. That challenges us to love in such a way that we get to possess our inheritance – for the Lord to say well done good and faithful servant and give us the crown at the end of our life.

Moses dies

He is an incredible 120 years old with undimmed eyes and unbated vigour! Amazing. Notice that on his death he is “Moses the servant of the Lord”, not

  • Moses, Prince of Egypt
  • Moses, murderer
  • Moses, Shepherd
  • Moses, Spokesman of Israel
  • Moses, miracle worker
  • Morses, prophet,
  • Moses, shining with God’s glory or
  • Moses, entered the promised Land.

His identity is Moses, servant of the Lord – when we get our identity tied to the wrong things like our gender or sexuality or what we have achieved or do then we get in a right pickle. Moses is the servant of the Lord first and foremost.

Then later in the chapter we see that he was also a prophet like no other, someone who knew the Lord face to face, and a worker of signs and wonders in power and terror!


Joshua is full of the Spirit of wisdom – one of only some 150 people under the Old Covenant to be filled with the Spirit – today we all can be. As with Joshua, most people are filled with the Spirit when hands were laid on him. The Spirit is generally imparted by prayer with the laying on of hands. Tomorrow we will see him get up and go for it.

Have you been filled with the Spirit? If not seek out someone in your life group or on a Sunday and get prayed for! You need Him and His wisdom to fill you.


Andy Moyle



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