Wedding feast

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27th Dec, 2019 Day 361

Rev 18:Array

The wedding feast of the Lamb

While those profiting from Babylon mourn and lament and the saints rejoice, an angel takes a great millstone and throws it into the sea. Babylon has fallen forever. No more of its exploitation and oppression and martyring of Christians.

In chapter 19 great worship goes up – repeated Hallelujahs accompanied by the roar of heaven. Praise comes from the 24 elders and four creatures of chapter 4. God has won!

A wedding begins! I love a wedding, such joy and celebration as a bride and groom come together, celebrating love for one another forever more. Such a contrast to the horrific feast of 19:17-18, where the corpses of the wicked are eaten by birds.

The saints, us, are dressed in pure white linen. Heaven on earth begins with a feast! Hallelujah!


Andy Moyle