Bless our NHS

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As a church we have lots of frontline NHS staff. Over the last year we have cheered them on. We have prayed for them and supported them. We have seen their exhaustion. Help has been offered in practical ways as nearly all of them have suffered with Covid-19. So we are all too aware of the immense physical and emotional pressure that NHS staff are under at this time.


Encouragement goes a long way. We want to bless as many local frontline NHS staff as we can. In the form of thank you packs to be distributed to front-line staff. Each pack will contain a personalised thank you card, a chocolate bar and a £10 Costa Coffee gift card. Packs will cost £11 each. We would love you to partner with us to bless as many NHS staff as possible at a time when they need our encouragement and support the most.


If you would like to donate towards the thank you packs please use the PayPal donation form below or get in touch for bank details, by Tues 16th Feb. We are looking to distribute the packs at the end of February.



We have closed the fund now, so we can make the packs! Thanks to everyone who has donated.