The Gateway Church

in and around Kings Lynn, West Norfolk

February 16th

16th Feb, 2022 Day 47

Today’s reading is Mark 13:32-37

Who's your one?

Day 30

As a church we are each praying for the one over the next 30 days - the one we would love to profess faith in Christ.

Read the verse below and pray for your one...

Rev 21:3-6

Prayer for today

Lord, I long for the day when You will make all things new. This world is broken, and I know You will come and recreate all things. I know You have set a day when Christ will return and do just that. I ask You to save ___________ before that great day. Make them thirsty for the water of life You freely give. Use the witness of Your people to point them to salvation through Jesus Christ. I know You are the Beginning and the End—the only hope for salvation for all people. So, I ask You to give ___________ new life in Christ.



Andrew is a chef, running the kitchen in a local high school. He's married to Carol with 2 grown up children.