The Gateway Church

in and around Kings Lynn, West Norfolk

February 17th

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17th Feb, 2022 Day 48

Today’s reading is from Mark 14:1-11



Hi, I'm married to Andrew and we have two adult sons, Laurence and Alexander. Laurence lives with us and is very poorly so we are his carers. Alexander is a student at Reading University. I teach music at Springwood High School and Andrew is a chef. We have been involved with Newfrontiers (and more recently Relational Mission) via our membership of Kings Community Church in Norwich (January 2002- November 2017) and prior to that with Jubilee Church in Shepperton, Middlesex (since about 1980 for me and 1991 for Andrew, until December 2001). I play the clarinet and saxophone and hope to be involved in the worship band!